Friday, April 18

Easter Weekend

Today is Good Friday (aren't most of them?) and I know I am glad it is the last day of work for this week. The warmer temperatures here in the Valley make my days a bit miserable while I am in the shop pulling parts. There is hardly any air circulation/cooling aside from a on-the-floor fan, and so it gets pretty warm in there. Meaning I sweat a lot. Thanks goodness I have a good deodorant.

Anyways, so today is Good Friday, which means Easter is on Sunday. Usually we go to the Sis' and the families all get together for the afternoon. This year it is different. I still have no clue what our plans are. I guess it is up to the Wife and how the MIL feels. I have no clue, but presume the Daughter will be coming to town as well. I haven't heard anything. That's normal though - to keep me out of the loop.

I got nothing. I had somewhere to go with this post, and it all just went *poof*!


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