Tuesday, April 29

Another Day of Misery

Yesterday was very uncomfortable. The allergy medication I take seemed to do absolutely nothing all day, and by evening, the area around my eyes felt tender to the touch from wiping the tears watering from them so much. My nose looks like St. Nick's from blowing and wiping it. Yet, as I drove around the west side of the Valley, the wind was gusting yet again. Already this morning it has started. Taking the older son to school, the weather forecast on the radio even mentioned today it would be windy again, but the wind should die off by tomorrow. Great. They just forecasted another three days at least of these symptoms for me.

That being said, it is nearing the end of April. Phoenix Comicon is in June, but the discounted rate on tickets ends the 30th. As they date draws nearer, I find myself not wanting to go more and more. Sure, I want to go to have a couple books I have signed by the author(s), but then I think about the crowds, the parking, and all the walking. I looked up the type of forums they are going to have, to try to decide which day would be better for the ones that interest me, but almost all of them are TBA still at this date. I'm convinced they will be that way until the ticket prices go up, so they can sucker you into buying more than just one day. I suppose tonight I will talk to the oldest son, who was sort of wanting to go, about it. This was going to be a possible part of his birthday.

Had some really weird dreaming going on last night, and cannot figure out the "tie-in" to events. Most times, if I even remember a dream, I can figure out what event happened to me that previous day, that would cause my sub-conscience to dream something in a similar way. Last night's was pretty far out there. It had to do with me running into my Dad on the streets of my hometown (Frankfort, IN) where I was an adult, married, etc. just like now. I tell this guy that he looks just like my Dad, and it turns out it is, and he has been watching me all these years since he supposedly died, because he really didn't, he just disappeared. What?!? How?!? With the help of a 'friend' he says. So as the dream goes on, we are become sort of reacquainted over a period of time, and I meet this 'friend' which is some sort of cross between a Pegasus-type horse, and a sea dragon. But no one can see him except my Dad, and now me, which surprises my Dad. He claims that his friend (I never hear a name) decides who can see him or not. Eventually, I get to the point where I tell my Wife that I am having problems, that my Dad is alive, that he has a fantasy creature of a friend. I am looking at my hands, and realize there are some kind of lesions on them, and then tell my Wife I think I have some sort of disease that is causing life-size hallucinations and causing me to go insane.

Of course, this is where in real life, the Wife wakes me up. Freaking weird dream. All I had last night to eat was two pieces of leftover pizza. You know, the three-meat from Little Caesar's. No idea what brought on that crazy stuff... Maybe it was the sweet tea from Quik Trip. I have no idea. Just too freaking weird.


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