Tuesday, April 8

A Nice Little Break

When the sound of the crack of dawn happened here in AZ, I didn't have to rise out of bed to take the oldest son to school. The simple luxury of able to lay in bed an extra 20-30 minutes was enjoyable. Seems that the school is doing their AIMS testing today, so their zero hour was canceled. I know it will be back come Thursday, but even one day of respite is nice.

I heard yesterday, that after 4 weeks of no luck, now they supposedly heard 2 'pings' from what some "official" says, that they feel 75% sure that is the black box of the Malaysian flight 370. You know, I am tired of this story. The people are dead, considering there is no floating debris in the supposed area, so the plane is sunk. Recovering the black box would be nice. Then they could see what happened and the order, but not the motive. I think the last viable motive I heard was the pilot intentionally crashed it. Either way, getting to be pretty old news to me.

Phoenix is supposed to hit about 98 by tomorrow, if I remember correctly. Which signals that summer is starting. We have not hit 100 yet, but I am sure those days are not too far off. I have been running the air conditioning in my work truck for the first part of my route over the past couple weeks. At least until about sundown. After sweating quite a bit in the warehouse, then sitting in the fishbowl of my truck cab, some good cold a/c is good.

Tomorrow I still have to rise early. The truck is due for an oil change, and I set it up for tomorrow morning. Takes me a good hour to drive across the Valley, even at 6:30 am. I treat myself with breakfast at Denny's afterwards, so sometimes it is a good exchange. Of course, then I feel too full to go to work, but I am already on that side of town ... and I need a paycheck. Or rather, it is nice to get a paycheck. I am happy to be working.


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