Friday, February 28

Blown Away

We actually have a storm front moving into Arizona that is supposed to bring rain to the Valley area as early as this evening. We are at 40+ days of no precipitation, so any rain would be nice. I just don't care for some of the winds it brings prior to the storm. Such as last night. It wasn't cloudy as such, but a portion of my route is out in farmland area on the west side of town. The wind had picked up a bit last night, which when driving a 16-foot box truck, is not fun. Being blown by a sporadic gust of wind while on a free way or single-lane road ... grrrr. And I won't get started on the amount of dust (and who knows what else) kicked up into the air .... yes, the sinuses are flowing this morning. Speaking of, I better go take my allergy pill.

Either way, the rain would be welcome. Help clear the air of the dust, etc. if nothing else.It is already somewhat overcast looking this morning. Days like this can sort of make me feel blech, but I think I am too tired to much care today. My shoulders are a bit sore, I assume from fighting the wind in my truck for a few hours. I know I slept good last night.

Tomorrow we are going out for pizza to Peter Piper for the youngest son's late birthday dinner. The Wife wakes me this morning (to run the oldest son to school) and mentions that the oldest is working tech at the school play on Saturday. So now I have to call the RM & PT to reschedule the pizza time. I asked for when - the Wife says she has no clue. I was to help out a buddy with some ovens Saturday morning, but figure I can change the pizza time to about 12:30, and hopefully all will be okay. I'll have to call RM here after I give her time to get to work. Unless she reads this first and calls me.

Sunday is race day here in the Valley, and unfortunately, I won't be going this year. The special deal I get on the inside track turn two fell through for the future, so it looks like to go I need to buy tickets and sit in the stands (blech). This Sunday, I think I shall watch it from the safe and secure bar stool at the local pub.

Go Junior!


Thursday, February 27

It's About Time!

I heard late last night, that Gov. Brewer FINALLY vetoed the AZ SB 1062. Need I say, that it took too long to do this? Those that favor her, said she spent the whole day yesterday, discussing this proposal with parties from both sides. Yeah, that sounds like the right thing to do. Except that this bill is just blatanly wrong! What that was is a perfect waste of time to be able to grandstand and appear as the saviour of Arizona, because you vetoed the bill (finally). Dumb bitch. Why'd I vote for her again? Oh yeah, I thought the others running were worse.

I mean, Apple (who is bringing around 2000 jobs to the Valley) already said they were not happy about this bill. The NFL was already checking options for removing the 2015 Super Bowl from here, and I heard that the MLB was voicing its displeasure as well (because there are many teams that Spring Train here). Why does it take any thought? We have had no event/spectacle/whatever that would have brought this bill into play - after all, it was based on an event that took place in New Mexico - NOT Arizona.

Yeah, I don't get it.

On another note, my youngest son turned 8 yesterday. Talk about feeling old....


Tuesday, February 25

AZ SB 1062

I have been listening to talk radio (KTAR here in the Valley) talk about this Senate bill for about the past week now ... if not the full week past, sure seems like it. Anyway, so for those of you in other parts of the world, if you don't know, Arizona Senate Bill 1062 is sitting on Governor Jan Brewer's desk as of this moment. You surely know Jan Brewer - the one wagging her finger in Pres. Obama's face on his last visit to AZ? The Gov. that passed SB 1070 (which I actually agree with). Anyways, SB 1062 is a bill that would give any business/service company, the right to turn down business based on religious belief.

Huh? What?

Yeah, a bit confusing. Let's clarify with some examples. Example one: a Gay couple want to get married and ask a baker to make them a cake for the reception. The baker, who, for this example, let's say is Catholic, and the baker tells them No, because in his religious beliefs, being homosexual is not right. This bill would give him the right to do that.

Okay, so is it targeting the LGBT community? Most of the examples I have heard the past several days, have led me to believe so. Do I think it is right and fair? Actually, no. I think it is stupid.

Right now, Arizona businesses/service industries all have the right to refuse service with no explanation. As long as it is not obviously biased, it makes no difference. Use almost any excuse. Why do we need to specifically bring religion into being a reason to refuse service. You can be the Catholic baker in the above example, and right now, just say "I have other cakes on order, that I would not have the time to do yours" and as long as you don't add on to the end of that with "you stupid fucking faggots" the baker can get out of it. If he added the additional tag, I have a feeling he would be sued.

I am not homophobic. I have at least a couple people I call friends that are part of the LGBT community (worldwide, not just here in AZ). The Wife has a couple friends, too. I mean her friends are part of the LGBT, too, not that she only has a couple friends. Do we (the Wife and I) like these type of people? To put it bluntly, we don't understand their lifestyle choice(s). Over the past years, the Wife has taught me to "Love the Sinner. Hate the Sin." In short, like the person, but not agree with the choice they have made. I see that as the Christian thing obviously is to love the person, pray they change their ways. How much effort you put into that is your own thing.

As of yesterday, on live radio, one Senator being talked to by the show hosts, admits they were wrong to pass this bill, and knowingly had two other Senators, as well as himself, asking Gov. Brewer to veto the bill on her desk. Gov. Brewer is due back today, and in agreement with the talk show hosts, I think she will grandstand the veto. Meaning, wait until the latest possible time on Friday (deadline for her signature/veto) make sure the press is around to drop accolades on her for stopping such a bill that the majority of AZ people do not want. She's a bitch that way.

What is important, is that the bill gets vetoed. We do not want her to sign it, nor do we want her to not sign it, then it passes anyway. She has to veto it.

I am an ignorant bigot at times. I know that. But I ain't this damn stupid to pass this bill. (facepalm) I  can't believe we elected some of these people. I'll save the whole why I bother to vote for another post.


Monday, February 24

The "I Have No Clue" Post Title

I really don't have any clue as to what to post about today. It is a Monday. My back is sore, though I cannot figure out why. I can only guess it is from sleeping int he wrong position maybe. I didn't do anything that would make it feel this sore this weekend.

I have now sat here 15 minutes with no real thought passing through my head.

I can't even find an interesting YouTube video to share.

Today is going to suck, I feel.


Friday, February 21


Not a bad number, I suppose. If I had that much cash in my wallet, I would be happier. If I had to drive that many miles in a short time span, I would not be happy. It's about how far some of my family live (in miles) from my house. It's also the number of posts (including this one) that have been made here since November 2006. Hard to think this POS blog has been around that long, especially when I don't have major content to talk about.

So, that being said, I don't have anything else on my mind to talk about. Maybe I should start writing my posts at the end of the day, so I would possibly have more to pontificate upon. But I would be too tired. Or have other plans. Yeah, I think I prefer it in the mornings, to sort of give me a bit of mental awareness (if I may be so free to call it that).

The weekend is almost upon us. I have to work the second job at the pub this Saturday as they are having the UFC fights on. In some ways, I enjoy working there occasionally. Sometimes it gets to be a bear.

My buddies and I are working on setting up a weekend trip to Laughlin, NV, for us guys. Looks to be about 6 of us going from Friday through Sunday. I am not much for gambling, but the fun time hanging out, etc. will be worth it. That and getting out of the Valley for a change.


Thursday, February 20

Ain't It Friday Yet?

Oh, yeah I did. And stayed out much later than I meant to do.I guess in some ways it was worth it ... and not so much in others.

Look out Nevada! Yeah, me and the buddies are doing a trip up there come mid-March. We are planning on being in Laughlin, NV, come about the end of the March Madness. We used to do a Men's Only Trip once a year, but haven't the past few due to passport protocols. Be nice to get one going again.

Welp, I am still a bit tired, so think I should nap before work.


Wednesday, February 19

Whole Lotta Nuttin'

I tried to think of something to post about today. I really did. But instead, my mind kept wandering on to things I need to do today, or soon. I just can't seem to keep my thoughts on one topic for long this morning.

Finally cooling off a little bit here in the Valley. Heard it is to drop down to 77 as a high by tomorrow, but I have no idea how long that will last, then go up or down. I kind of miss the 65-70 degree normal temps we have this time of year.

After the other morning, I am feeling much better. I was able to pretty much empty out my system prior to leaving for work, so there were no accidents, though, I do admit to only two false calls. Better safe than sorry, especially if I would have had to wear them the rest of the day.

Softball started back up this past Sunday, but I did not go. I am thinking of not playing this season. Around the first of the year, I strained a tendon in my thumb (per the Wife) and I can't throw a ball. Of course it is the right hand, and I am right-handed. It is still giving me problems (the strained tendon) including some limited motion, and pain, but as long as I am careful and not pick up items one-handed, it is fine. Doesn't seem to bother me when I am driving.

Guess I am off to get through some of my morning routine.


Monday, February 17

Going Running

Today I am guaranteed to lose some weight. I kind of knew I was going to last night. How, you ask? Easy. Last night I started getting some "stinky" belches. For me, I know that is a precursor of having some intestinal issues, usually something I ate that didn't agree with me. Needless to say, I had a feeling I would be running for the bathroom frequently this morning. In fact, some TMI for you, I just got done with yet another jog.

Now I am not saying the Wife is a bad cook - far from it! Probably just due to some combination of food(s) that my stomach didn't care for. I am thinking it was the chocolate. I had gone to the store Saturday, and my sweet tooth had spoke up when I was near some chocolate, so I figured I would pick some up. It wasn't special half price valentine candy. Actually, it was an Easter rabbit. A small one. however, I don't eat chocolate that often, and thus, that is why I think it was the chocolate. Maybe too much at one time, though I didn't eat it all at once. Shrug. Who knows?

Today being Monday, many of us are returning to work. For friends to the East of us, I hope you are plowed out, and able to return to work. I have not heard much over the weekend (haven't watched any news) so don't know of additional snow. Though, I see this morning that my cousin has mentioned that Indianapolis is getting rain/ice this morning. At least they are better prepared for it that Atlanta was ... Us? Now idea what the temp is to be today, but I am guessing in the 70's if not higher. Sun is shining away right now, with not a hint of clouds in the sky. I am dressed for work in my usual shorts and T-shirt.

Spent some time catching up a bit on some reading yesterday. Over the last couple of weeks I have gotten a few books from authors and publishers for free, in exchange for a review. I have not spent as much time reading of I probably should have, so spent a couple hours last night doing that. I still have about 5 books to get through as soon as I can, to complete the request in a timely manner. I guess I need to do less computer time.

It is Presidents Day. I did a quick look-up of what is supposed to be celebrated. Seems the main idea is of celebrating the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, both of whom had February birthdays. Some states only do Washington, and some include Jefferson, though not Lincoln. Overall, the opinion is that of celebrating presidents in general. I have already seen quite a bit of anti-Obama propaganda this morning on Facebook. I am not defending him. I did not vote for him, and I certainly do not care for much of what has happened with him in office. All of it his fault? No. But the fault lies with him, as Supreme Commander for the US. Should I celebrate Presidents Day in his honor? Well, I won't. I don't even think celebrating this day is necessary. Heck, I don't even get off work today. I'd rather celebrate Veterans Day than Presidents Day, and I don't get that day off either.

Anyway, that is today. The boys are out of school and already at the MIL's. I have a couple hours before work. Going to go use it.


Sunday, February 16

Sunday Morning Coming Down

I'm a bit of a sucker for baritone and bass singers. Johnny Cash has always been one of my favorites, and today being Sunday, this song popped into my head as I sit here catching up on all my emails, etc. since I have been up for a couple hours. I know I could list many other singers, but I don't need to waste our time.

Today is going to be a day of rest for me. Not that I have done much to require resting, I just want to have a day where I don't feel like something HAS to be done - be it errands, or whatever. We all need a day like that every now and then. I always feel like I can return the next day to work feeling more able to accomplish things.

Those bass singers ... JD Sumner and George Younce were two of such fame. I seem to recall that both were favorites of My Grandma Hankins (Rev. Mother's side of the family) or at least, think Rev Mom told me that once. This particular song is one of my favorites because of JD going so low near the end of the song...

Anyways, that's all I got today.


Thursday, February 13

When the World Returns to Normal

There doesn't seem to be much happening today. Or rather, there is nothing going on that has me ticked off, or upset. Feels good that things have somewhat returned to the normal routine.

I mentioned yesterday that the old van we had, had been towed away for charity. That, and so we wouldn't get fined by the city of Phoenix. That's a pressure off us. The notice said re-inspection was to be this Friday, to make sure it had been resolved.

I guess the major thing on my mind now is the Wife's van. She woke me up last night (I go to bed earlier than she) to tell me her engine light came on that day. I asked what she expected me to do about it at that hour of  night (I know it was after 10-pm, but not sure otherwise). She said she was just concerned and wanted to mention it. I told her to call the garage and take it in for them to check it. Things are to computerized for me to be able to drive the vehicle and figure out the problem. Personally I think it is that damn thing where the light comes on, just so you have the vehicle looked at. I drove it this morning and everything seems to be fine otherwise.

Work is fine. They added a process to my job that takes an additional 30 minutes to complete, prior to my leaving the shop. In other words, I get home about 45 minutes later than usual, as I miss the pre-rush hour traffic window, and the additional 30 minutes. Yesterday was the second day, and I pretty much have given up trying to change things. I looked for a better way to complete the process, but nothing comes to mind. Though, I have heard complaints about the process from the techs already ... so it might change back to what was the norm for me before. Who knows.

Hope if you are on the Eastern side of the Mississippi you stay warm. Supposed o be 84 today here, reaching near 90 by the weekend.


Wednesday, February 12

It's Gone!

After eight long years of siting idly by the side of my house, the broken down Dodge Caravan is now gone.

I don't miss it. Or the random day of the week some non-english-speaking person would knock on my door to ask if it was for sale. IF it were, it would have a sign on it. And the least you could do is show up with a tow truck to take it if I were to actually sell it to you. How would I be able to negotiate a fair price for myself if you are not able to even speak rudimentary English?

I now have more room to park my work truck. Cool.

I guess today could have started much worse. Thanks Kars for Kids, for taking that blight.


Tuesday, February 11

Goodbye POS Van

I contacted the organization called Kars for Kids this morning to come pick up the old van sitting at the side of our house. It has sat there 8 years. I am hoping I do not need to be here when they do the pick-up. Also, hopefully they will pick it up before Friday, the day the city inspector is supposed to be by (at no specific time) to make sure it has been taken care of. Their website (KfK) says they pick up with 24-48 hours, so I should be okay. I am awaiting the email I am to receive with information detailing the towing company, etc. Find out then I guess.

The thumb on my right hand has been bothering me. Around the beginning of the year, I did something to it, or something happened to it, to cause the pain it has been giving me. I had the Wife (physical therapist) do a quick evaluation of what she thought it might be, and the prognosis was a strained tendon. I have restricted movement in the thumb, and grasping things, or pushing in things like the handle for the front screen door, can emit a nice shot of pain. Plus there is a clicking in the mid-joint when straightening out the digit, or bending it back. There is not much to do short of time to heal, and try not to aggravate it. It seemed to have been getting better slowly, though I am beginning to wonder if maybe it more me getting a built-up tolerance for the pain. Either way I accidentally used my hand/thumb in the wrong way last night and the Wife was right there. She makes the comment about maybe it is time to see an orthroscopic doctor, and possibly surgery. Great. Just what I wanted to hear. Right now I am able to work, just need to be careful how I grab things. Driving isn't (or at least hasn't) been an issue. Surgery will cause problems with that, and here I have no vacation days until after August. Think I will be asking her to explain in more detail when I get home tonight.

Other than that, today is another day.


Monday, February 10

Somewhat Refreshed And Emotionally Stable ... Sort Of

I had to take a few days off writing here last week. The whole cat fiasco had me worked up a bit, as if you couldn't tell from the last two posts. After the last post, I spent the day thinking about what all was going on, and how much the Wife loves this cat. That evening when I got home, I told her that I would still waste my time (as I see it) and take Rusty in for the shot each day for the next few days, shelling out the $51 for each shot, if she really felt we could afford to do that. Considering there is no definite that this will help resolve his issue (or lack of, pun-wise). Told her to let me know that evening. She never said. Come morning, she asks if I am taking him. I said you never let me know what you decided, so I have made other plans. So she says she is taking him to the MIL's so he can be sort of watched during the day to make sure he isn't having problems. That night after work I found out she took him to the vet. No big deal. Just out another $51. But then she tells me that the Vet told her to get this home shot remedy kit, which they sell, for about $50, and we can give him the shots ourselves. So the Wife gets it and the kit comes with a 10 day supply of the shot. Fucking Vet made us spend $102 in shots, before bothering to tell us we could be doing it ourselves for the low cost of about $50 and do it twice as long as he was requesting. I think it is time to find a new Vet.

That being said, things around our house have returned to normal, or at least normal for around here. Rusty seems to be doing fine, if you care.

Friday I got one of those lovely notices from the city of Phoenix. It has to do with our old van parked on the driveway at the side of our house. Now this van, I admit, has been sitting there about 8 years. We just have never taken the time to clean it out, and get rid of it. It does not run, in fact it had basically died 8 years ago, thus was sitting there. It has to do with a transmission problem ... but there were many other small issues going on with it before that as well. Needless to say, we got a warning from the city to have it taken care of. I do believe it is the owner of the house on that side of us. That is the rental where the trailer-trash family lived, who are now gone. I think the owner was there checking out the property and called in about our van. It is on our property, but can be seen from the street/that yard. So now I have until Friday to get it out of here. I located the title last night, and will be contacting Kars for Kids today. They say they can have picked up within 2 days. That will get the city off my back, and also finally get rid of that piece of junk.

I guess that is about all I got today.


Wednesday, February 5

Just Die Already

Yesterday I talked about the Damn Cat and his issue. I guess it would be lack of issue, since he was blocked up and couldn't pee. Either way, later in the morning I felt sort of bad. Here I was talking about just putting him down, as it is the cheaper alternative, then I herd news that yet another friend of mine had passed away. I know, it seems weird that a guy my age has had so many friends pass away over the past two years. Weirder yet, that all my friends are older than me. I guess I don't like people my own age ... I don't know. So yesterday pretty much had me bummed out most of the day.

This morning had us doing a follow-up shot at the vet for Rusty. This shot is supposed to help something like making him produce fluids and help breakdown the crystals that are in his system. At $51, I told the vet (or rather the receptionist, as the vet didn't come out to talk to me) this was his first, and last shot. The vet wants him to do another 3-4 days of these shots, but I flat out told them fuck no. We've already spent (now) damn near $800 on a fucking pet I don't want, so why would I spend another $200+ on the fucking thing?!? The vet said it was our decision, but Rusty may develop the same situation again.

I love how they use the pet's name, making it sound like a human, and that we cannot neglect their health and welfare. But I looked the receptionist in the eye and told her I could have saved $700 if I had just put the fucker down in the first place. Needless to say, I don't think I am a favorite owner of a patient now.

I called the Wife to tell her what I thought about the whole cost vs need situation. She got all quiet on the phone, meaning she didn't agree with me. I plainly said that I am not running the cat to a vet to spend more money. IF she wants me to spend more money on the cat, it is to put him down. Yeah, things are going to suck around my house the next few days.

I wonder if I should just leave the front door open, put the dog in the back room, and let the cat wander away, then say he got out past me and ran. Then hope he doesn't find his way home. Easy fix for me. But I don't think the Wife will buy it. Rusty better get well, or some Korean family is going to be eating a good dinner soon.

Damn, that was a bigoted remark. Glad to see I ain't losing it.


Tuesday, February 4

Put The Effer Down

I'm a bit grumpy this morning. The Wife has put me in a position where I have to do something I really could care less about doing: taking the cat to the vet. I probably should back up a couple days, to explain why.

Sunday morning, the Wife noticed that Rusty (aka Crack Kitty, Damn Cat) was starting to squat at random places around the house, as if trying to pee, but not going. The litter box was clean, so there was no reason for this new behaviour, unless there was some medical reason. That afternoon she took him to the animal hospital (of course more money because it is a Sunday and a weekend, and no regular vet would be open) and found out that he has some crystal build-up in his bladder and kidney areas. Rusty was not 'blocked up' but the crystals were supposedly causing pressure that makes him feel like he needs to relieve himself. They would not catheterize him to clean out the crystallization unless he was completely blocked up though. Instead, they gave him some meds for discomfort, and supposedly to help breakdown some of the build up (I think, I really wasn't paying attention to what the Wife was saying).

Rusty was feeling good that night, and things seemed to go back to normal. Until last night. He started the squatting again. Also, it turned out the animal hospital had faxed all the information of what they did to our regular vet, who called my son (he has my old phone & number) about getting the cat in for a visit.

This is where I get pissy. I know, bad choice of words, but still ...

The Wife tentatively set an appointment for Thursday morning. Of course morning. So I would have the time to take him - which I have no care to do. I would rather just take him to be put down rather then spend hundreds of dollars on some medical treatment. I never have believed a pet was worth it. The Wife spent around $300 Sunday on the damn cat already, and nothing was done. So the appointment Thursday morning, unless it got bad enough, and Tuesday morning (today) I could try to bring him in, and they would try to "work him in" between regular appointments.

SO ... now I have to go and sit there, waiting hopefully, that they have the time to see him, for a damn cat I don't even want. There goes my morning. So much for getting things done before work. The Wife is trying to relay to me all the information the vet will want (how are eating habits, etc) thinking I care. I asked something along the lines of "So how much money are you wanting to fucking waste on the damn cat? More than the $300 you did Sunday? Or save a few hundred and spend $100 to put him down?"

That's when the Wife said maybe she could call into work and take the day off. Of course I said no, she couldn't. She makes more money than I do, and there are enough appointments, etc., in life that she can't waste a damn day on the cat. I did mention if I wasn't seen by 9am though, I was leaving the vet.

Now I am just waiting for them to open ( in about 45 minutes) to go do this. I know the Wife will be getting a phone call from me if he gets seen ... to let her make the decision about what she wants to do. I think it is time to put him down. When we first got him, we spent around $500 to get him healthy through prescriptions and appointments at the vet. I don't think it is worth it.

Either way, my Tuesday is ruined. I'll be in a crappy mood all day now.


Edit: So, Rusty is at the Vet now, getting a catheter done to help clear blockage. Hopefully there will not be any complications (which would cost more). Another few hundred dollars down the drain ... Will know more once they get that done in about an hour or so.

Monday, February 3

Party Weekend Has Ended

The Wife came home last night.

Heh. That would be the end of a party weekend, as long as she had the kids with her. But that is not what truly happened. No, the Superbowl has come and gone. I spent the afternoon and evening over at a friend's house for the annual Superbowl party he puts on. There was too much drinking, and too much food to eat. I did eat too much, but the pulled pork, and queso dip was too good to not get any. Plus I had to try the chili. I did do pretty well about drinking, and only had a few. I was worried more about the cops on patrol when I went home, so monitored myself to be fine to drive. Still had a fun time, too. And I won some money playing the squares. Spent $20, won $50. Not bad.

Of course that means that today starts the work week again. Three of my friends are off work today, and that makes me want to have the day off as well, but I don't get any vacation time until after August. I was getting a bit peeved at them last night, as it seemed one of them was bringing the topic up (about being off today) way too often, and rubbing it in. He likes to brag about having the day off, but when asked how he is going to spend it ... no clue. His answer was I don't know. I know I would sleep in a bit more. I did go back to bed this morning after taking the son to school. I was just feeling so tired ( I stayed up too late last night) that even the extra hour of sleep helped a bit. Though, I do still feel a bit tired. Hoping that getting to work and moving will help wake me up.

February is now here. Hallmark holiday coming up in a week and a half abouts. I really dislike Valentine's day. Why do we need a holiday to tell that someone special we love them? Aren't we supposed to eb doing that every day, or any day, or whenever we want? Detest the thought that a date makes you have to do something - same goes for Christmas, and all them other commercial holidays as well. GRRRR!! I don't want to get into that rant today ....