Monday, February 3

Party Weekend Has Ended

The Wife came home last night.

Heh. That would be the end of a party weekend, as long as she had the kids with her. But that is not what truly happened. No, the Superbowl has come and gone. I spent the afternoon and evening over at a friend's house for the annual Superbowl party he puts on. There was too much drinking, and too much food to eat. I did eat too much, but the pulled pork, and queso dip was too good to not get any. Plus I had to try the chili. I did do pretty well about drinking, and only had a few. I was worried more about the cops on patrol when I went home, so monitored myself to be fine to drive. Still had a fun time, too. And I won some money playing the squares. Spent $20, won $50. Not bad.

Of course that means that today starts the work week again. Three of my friends are off work today, and that makes me want to have the day off as well, but I don't get any vacation time until after August. I was getting a bit peeved at them last night, as it seemed one of them was bringing the topic up (about being off today) way too often, and rubbing it in. He likes to brag about having the day off, but when asked how he is going to spend it ... no clue. His answer was I don't know. I know I would sleep in a bit more. I did go back to bed this morning after taking the son to school. I was just feeling so tired ( I stayed up too late last night) that even the extra hour of sleep helped a bit. Though, I do still feel a bit tired. Hoping that getting to work and moving will help wake me up.

February is now here. Hallmark holiday coming up in a week and a half abouts. I really dislike Valentine's day. Why do we need a holiday to tell that someone special we love them? Aren't we supposed to eb doing that every day, or any day, or whenever we want? Detest the thought that a date makes you have to do something - same goes for Christmas, and all them other commercial holidays as well. GRRRR!! I don't want to get into that rant today ....


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