Tuesday, February 25

AZ SB 1062

I have been listening to talk radio (KTAR here in the Valley) talk about this Senate bill for about the past week now ... if not the full week past, sure seems like it. Anyway, so for those of you in other parts of the world, if you don't know, Arizona Senate Bill 1062 is sitting on Governor Jan Brewer's desk as of this moment. You surely know Jan Brewer - the one wagging her finger in Pres. Obama's face on his last visit to AZ? The Gov. that passed SB 1070 (which I actually agree with). Anyways, SB 1062 is a bill that would give any business/service company, the right to turn down business based on religious belief.

Huh? What?

Yeah, a bit confusing. Let's clarify with some examples. Example one: a Gay couple want to get married and ask a baker to make them a cake for the reception. The baker, who, for this example, let's say is Catholic, and the baker tells them No, because in his religious beliefs, being homosexual is not right. This bill would give him the right to do that.

Okay, so is it targeting the LGBT community? Most of the examples I have heard the past several days, have led me to believe so. Do I think it is right and fair? Actually, no. I think it is stupid.

Right now, Arizona businesses/service industries all have the right to refuse service with no explanation. As long as it is not obviously biased, it makes no difference. Use almost any excuse. Why do we need to specifically bring religion into being a reason to refuse service. You can be the Catholic baker in the above example, and right now, just say "I have other cakes on order, that I would not have the time to do yours" and as long as you don't add on to the end of that with "you stupid fucking faggots" the baker can get out of it. If he added the additional tag, I have a feeling he would be sued.

I am not homophobic. I have at least a couple people I call friends that are part of the LGBT community (worldwide, not just here in AZ). The Wife has a couple friends, too. I mean her friends are part of the LGBT, too, not that she only has a couple friends. Do we (the Wife and I) like these type of people? To put it bluntly, we don't understand their lifestyle choice(s). Over the past years, the Wife has taught me to "Love the Sinner. Hate the Sin." In short, like the person, but not agree with the choice they have made. I see that as the Christian thing obviously is to love the person, pray they change their ways. How much effort you put into that is your own thing.

As of yesterday, on live radio, one Senator being talked to by the show hosts, admits they were wrong to pass this bill, and knowingly had two other Senators, as well as himself, asking Gov. Brewer to veto the bill on her desk. Gov. Brewer is due back today, and in agreement with the talk show hosts, I think she will grandstand the veto. Meaning, wait until the latest possible time on Friday (deadline for her signature/veto) make sure the press is around to drop accolades on her for stopping such a bill that the majority of AZ people do not want. She's a bitch that way.

What is important, is that the bill gets vetoed. We do not want her to sign it, nor do we want her to not sign it, then it passes anyway. She has to veto it.

I am an ignorant bigot at times. I know that. But I ain't this damn stupid to pass this bill. (facepalm) I  can't believe we elected some of these people. I'll save the whole why I bother to vote for another post.


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