Friday, February 28

Blown Away

We actually have a storm front moving into Arizona that is supposed to bring rain to the Valley area as early as this evening. We are at 40+ days of no precipitation, so any rain would be nice. I just don't care for some of the winds it brings prior to the storm. Such as last night. It wasn't cloudy as such, but a portion of my route is out in farmland area on the west side of town. The wind had picked up a bit last night, which when driving a 16-foot box truck, is not fun. Being blown by a sporadic gust of wind while on a free way or single-lane road ... grrrr. And I won't get started on the amount of dust (and who knows what else) kicked up into the air .... yes, the sinuses are flowing this morning. Speaking of, I better go take my allergy pill.

Either way, the rain would be welcome. Help clear the air of the dust, etc. if nothing else.It is already somewhat overcast looking this morning. Days like this can sort of make me feel blech, but I think I am too tired to much care today. My shoulders are a bit sore, I assume from fighting the wind in my truck for a few hours. I know I slept good last night.

Tomorrow we are going out for pizza to Peter Piper for the youngest son's late birthday dinner. The Wife wakes me this morning (to run the oldest son to school) and mentions that the oldest is working tech at the school play on Saturday. So now I have to call the RM & PT to reschedule the pizza time. I asked for when - the Wife says she has no clue. I was to help out a buddy with some ovens Saturday morning, but figure I can change the pizza time to about 12:30, and hopefully all will be okay. I'll have to call RM here after I give her time to get to work. Unless she reads this first and calls me.

Sunday is race day here in the Valley, and unfortunately, I won't be going this year. The special deal I get on the inside track turn two fell through for the future, so it looks like to go I need to buy tickets and sit in the stands (blech). This Sunday, I think I shall watch it from the safe and secure bar stool at the local pub.

Go Junior!


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