Tuesday, February 4

Put The Effer Down

I'm a bit grumpy this morning. The Wife has put me in a position where I have to do something I really could care less about doing: taking the cat to the vet. I probably should back up a couple days, to explain why.

Sunday morning, the Wife noticed that Rusty (aka Crack Kitty, Damn Cat) was starting to squat at random places around the house, as if trying to pee, but not going. The litter box was clean, so there was no reason for this new behaviour, unless there was some medical reason. That afternoon she took him to the animal hospital (of course more money because it is a Sunday and a weekend, and no regular vet would be open) and found out that he has some crystal build-up in his bladder and kidney areas. Rusty was not 'blocked up' but the crystals were supposedly causing pressure that makes him feel like he needs to relieve himself. They would not catheterize him to clean out the crystallization unless he was completely blocked up though. Instead, they gave him some meds for discomfort, and supposedly to help breakdown some of the build up (I think, I really wasn't paying attention to what the Wife was saying).

Rusty was feeling good that night, and things seemed to go back to normal. Until last night. He started the squatting again. Also, it turned out the animal hospital had faxed all the information of what they did to our regular vet, who called my son (he has my old phone & number) about getting the cat in for a visit.

This is where I get pissy. I know, bad choice of words, but still ...

The Wife tentatively set an appointment for Thursday morning. Of course morning. So I would have the time to take him - which I have no care to do. I would rather just take him to be put down rather then spend hundreds of dollars on some medical treatment. I never have believed a pet was worth it. The Wife spent around $300 Sunday on the damn cat already, and nothing was done. So the appointment Thursday morning, unless it got bad enough, and Tuesday morning (today) I could try to bring him in, and they would try to "work him in" between regular appointments.

SO ... now I have to go and sit there, waiting hopefully, that they have the time to see him, for a damn cat I don't even want. There goes my morning. So much for getting things done before work. The Wife is trying to relay to me all the information the vet will want (how are eating habits, etc) thinking I care. I asked something along the lines of "So how much money are you wanting to fucking waste on the damn cat? More than the $300 you did Sunday? Or save a few hundred and spend $100 to put him down?"

That's when the Wife said maybe she could call into work and take the day off. Of course I said no, she couldn't. She makes more money than I do, and there are enough appointments, etc., in life that she can't waste a damn day on the cat. I did mention if I wasn't seen by 9am though, I was leaving the vet.

Now I am just waiting for them to open ( in about 45 minutes) to go do this. I know the Wife will be getting a phone call from me if he gets seen ... to let her make the decision about what she wants to do. I think it is time to put him down. When we first got him, we spent around $500 to get him healthy through prescriptions and appointments at the vet. I don't think it is worth it.

Either way, my Tuesday is ruined. I'll be in a crappy mood all day now.


Edit: So, Rusty is at the Vet now, getting a catheter done to help clear blockage. Hopefully there will not be any complications (which would cost more). Another few hundred dollars down the drain ... Will know more once they get that done in about an hour or so.

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