Friday, February 21


Not a bad number, I suppose. If I had that much cash in my wallet, I would be happier. If I had to drive that many miles in a short time span, I would not be happy. It's about how far some of my family live (in miles) from my house. It's also the number of posts (including this one) that have been made here since November 2006. Hard to think this POS blog has been around that long, especially when I don't have major content to talk about.

So, that being said, I don't have anything else on my mind to talk about. Maybe I should start writing my posts at the end of the day, so I would possibly have more to pontificate upon. But I would be too tired. Or have other plans. Yeah, I think I prefer it in the mornings, to sort of give me a bit of mental awareness (if I may be so free to call it that).

The weekend is almost upon us. I have to work the second job at the pub this Saturday as they are having the UFC fights on. In some ways, I enjoy working there occasionally. Sometimes it gets to be a bear.

My buddies and I are working on setting up a weekend trip to Laughlin, NV, for us guys. Looks to be about 6 of us going from Friday through Sunday. I am not much for gambling, but the fun time hanging out, etc. will be worth it. That and getting out of the Valley for a change.


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Anonymous said...

congrats. 1572 posts. There are not many of us left who write on a regular basis for that long.

I do my blogging in the mornings too.