Tuesday, February 11

Goodbye POS Van

I contacted the organization called Kars for Kids this morning to come pick up the old van sitting at the side of our house. It has sat there 8 years. I am hoping I do not need to be here when they do the pick-up. Also, hopefully they will pick it up before Friday, the day the city inspector is supposed to be by (at no specific time) to make sure it has been taken care of. Their website (KfK) says they pick up with 24-48 hours, so I should be okay. I am awaiting the email I am to receive with information detailing the towing company, etc. Find out then I guess.

The thumb on my right hand has been bothering me. Around the beginning of the year, I did something to it, or something happened to it, to cause the pain it has been giving me. I had the Wife (physical therapist) do a quick evaluation of what she thought it might be, and the prognosis was a strained tendon. I have restricted movement in the thumb, and grasping things, or pushing in things like the handle for the front screen door, can emit a nice shot of pain. Plus there is a clicking in the mid-joint when straightening out the digit, or bending it back. There is not much to do short of time to heal, and try not to aggravate it. It seemed to have been getting better slowly, though I am beginning to wonder if maybe it more me getting a built-up tolerance for the pain. Either way I accidentally used my hand/thumb in the wrong way last night and the Wife was right there. She makes the comment about maybe it is time to see an orthroscopic doctor, and possibly surgery. Great. Just what I wanted to hear. Right now I am able to work, just need to be careful how I grab things. Driving isn't (or at least hasn't) been an issue. Surgery will cause problems with that, and here I have no vacation days until after August. Think I will be asking her to explain in more detail when I get home tonight.

Other than that, today is another day.


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