Monday, February 10

Somewhat Refreshed And Emotionally Stable ... Sort Of

I had to take a few days off writing here last week. The whole cat fiasco had me worked up a bit, as if you couldn't tell from the last two posts. After the last post, I spent the day thinking about what all was going on, and how much the Wife loves this cat. That evening when I got home, I told her that I would still waste my time (as I see it) and take Rusty in for the shot each day for the next few days, shelling out the $51 for each shot, if she really felt we could afford to do that. Considering there is no definite that this will help resolve his issue (or lack of, pun-wise). Told her to let me know that evening. She never said. Come morning, she asks if I am taking him. I said you never let me know what you decided, so I have made other plans. So she says she is taking him to the MIL's so he can be sort of watched during the day to make sure he isn't having problems. That night after work I found out she took him to the vet. No big deal. Just out another $51. But then she tells me that the Vet told her to get this home shot remedy kit, which they sell, for about $50, and we can give him the shots ourselves. So the Wife gets it and the kit comes with a 10 day supply of the shot. Fucking Vet made us spend $102 in shots, before bothering to tell us we could be doing it ourselves for the low cost of about $50 and do it twice as long as he was requesting. I think it is time to find a new Vet.

That being said, things around our house have returned to normal, or at least normal for around here. Rusty seems to be doing fine, if you care.

Friday I got one of those lovely notices from the city of Phoenix. It has to do with our old van parked on the driveway at the side of our house. Now this van, I admit, has been sitting there about 8 years. We just have never taken the time to clean it out, and get rid of it. It does not run, in fact it had basically died 8 years ago, thus was sitting there. It has to do with a transmission problem ... but there were many other small issues going on with it before that as well. Needless to say, we got a warning from the city to have it taken care of. I do believe it is the owner of the house on that side of us. That is the rental where the trailer-trash family lived, who are now gone. I think the owner was there checking out the property and called in about our van. It is on our property, but can be seen from the street/that yard. So now I have until Friday to get it out of here. I located the title last night, and will be contacting Kars for Kids today. They say they can have picked up within 2 days. That will get the city off my back, and also finally get rid of that piece of junk.

I guess that is about all I got today.


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