Thursday, February 13

When the World Returns to Normal

There doesn't seem to be much happening today. Or rather, there is nothing going on that has me ticked off, or upset. Feels good that things have somewhat returned to the normal routine.

I mentioned yesterday that the old van we had, had been towed away for charity. That, and so we wouldn't get fined by the city of Phoenix. That's a pressure off us. The notice said re-inspection was to be this Friday, to make sure it had been resolved.

I guess the major thing on my mind now is the Wife's van. She woke me up last night (I go to bed earlier than she) to tell me her engine light came on that day. I asked what she expected me to do about it at that hour of  night (I know it was after 10-pm, but not sure otherwise). She said she was just concerned and wanted to mention it. I told her to call the garage and take it in for them to check it. Things are to computerized for me to be able to drive the vehicle and figure out the problem. Personally I think it is that damn thing where the light comes on, just so you have the vehicle looked at. I drove it this morning and everything seems to be fine otherwise.

Work is fine. They added a process to my job that takes an additional 30 minutes to complete, prior to my leaving the shop. In other words, I get home about 45 minutes later than usual, as I miss the pre-rush hour traffic window, and the additional 30 minutes. Yesterday was the second day, and I pretty much have given up trying to change things. I looked for a better way to complete the process, but nothing comes to mind. Though, I have heard complaints about the process from the techs already ... so it might change back to what was the norm for me before. Who knows.

Hope if you are on the Eastern side of the Mississippi you stay warm. Supposed o be 84 today here, reaching near 90 by the weekend.


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