Wednesday, February 5

Just Die Already

Yesterday I talked about the Damn Cat and his issue. I guess it would be lack of issue, since he was blocked up and couldn't pee. Either way, later in the morning I felt sort of bad. Here I was talking about just putting him down, as it is the cheaper alternative, then I herd news that yet another friend of mine had passed away. I know, it seems weird that a guy my age has had so many friends pass away over the past two years. Weirder yet, that all my friends are older than me. I guess I don't like people my own age ... I don't know. So yesterday pretty much had me bummed out most of the day.

This morning had us doing a follow-up shot at the vet for Rusty. This shot is supposed to help something like making him produce fluids and help breakdown the crystals that are in his system. At $51, I told the vet (or rather the receptionist, as the vet didn't come out to talk to me) this was his first, and last shot. The vet wants him to do another 3-4 days of these shots, but I flat out told them fuck no. We've already spent (now) damn near $800 on a fucking pet I don't want, so why would I spend another $200+ on the fucking thing?!? The vet said it was our decision, but Rusty may develop the same situation again.

I love how they use the pet's name, making it sound like a human, and that we cannot neglect their health and welfare. But I looked the receptionist in the eye and told her I could have saved $700 if I had just put the fucker down in the first place. Needless to say, I don't think I am a favorite owner of a patient now.

I called the Wife to tell her what I thought about the whole cost vs need situation. She got all quiet on the phone, meaning she didn't agree with me. I plainly said that I am not running the cat to a vet to spend more money. IF she wants me to spend more money on the cat, it is to put him down. Yeah, things are going to suck around my house the next few days.

I wonder if I should just leave the front door open, put the dog in the back room, and let the cat wander away, then say he got out past me and ran. Then hope he doesn't find his way home. Easy fix for me. But I don't think the Wife will buy it. Rusty better get well, or some Korean family is going to be eating a good dinner soon.

Damn, that was a bigoted remark. Glad to see I ain't losing it.


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