Wednesday, November 30

Down With Shopping

Yesterday PT and I went and saw 'J. Edgar' at the theater. It wasn't great, but not totally bad either. If nothing else, I learned a bit about Hoover and his early days at the Justice Department. Would I recommend it for anyone to watch? Probably not... unless you were a big history fan. Even then, I still probably wouldn't.

Afterwards, I went to Toys 'R Us for some shopping. Normally, the Wife and I don't shop there, as the toys are usually more expensive there than say Walmart. But in this case, Walmart was out of the item I was looking for, and per online, it was said to be in stock at this place. There was a store location just a couple miles form me, but when I went there Monday, it had been closed and no sign on the door saying next closest location. So  with the help of the internet, I had to drive further away. Then once I got there, they did not have any. Or at least, I could not find the item I wanted. I even asked 3 clerks, and was directed to 2 different areas (neither of which had the item). At least the third one was honest and said they had no clue if they had any of them. I spent    close to 30 minutes driving one way just to return home empty handed.

Though I did spend an hour roaming through the store, hoping to get a couple other items for the other boys, but just couldn't see to paying the prices on items nowadays. Even with mark-downs, everything is outrageous (my opinion) in how little you get for a high price. It just disappoints me so much. Even though I know my kids would love to have an item, I still cannot get myself to purchase it.

So, I am done with shopping for Christmas. No, we have not gotten all the shopping done we need to do, but I just can't deal with it anymore. Walking around, trying to get ideas for people, and then the pricing.... just too....ARGH! about it all. I still need to get things for the Wife though. Her birthday is next week, and I will need to get Christmas items for her from the boys as well. At least there maybe I can try to online shop/look for ideas then go out and get them, rather than walk around and trying to find something.

Nothing else planned the rest of this week, unless I get out to do some of the above.


Monday, November 28

Back to the Grind

Another four day holiday weekend has ended, and things are back to a 'normal' routine for at least three weeks. The next month is one of the fastest seeming to me, with all the things we are trying to get accomplished before Christmas (the shopping, wrapping, prepping, cooking, visiting, etc) goings-on that happen every year. At least I have that 3-week period before the boys are out of school on break.

The past couple days I did pretty much nothing around the house, except sit around. I think I played around on the computer more than anything, and as you could tell if you stopped y here, nothing to contribute even after all them hours of internet boredom. Fascinating, I know!

Back from the gym this morning and I have done pretty good. Since last Wednesday, and going through my favorite holiday (due to all the good eating) I still lost a pound. Yeah. Just one pound. But that leaves me two weeks and 9 lbs. to go before the doctor appointment. If I can get these last few pounds off, that will be a total of 50 pounds lost since I started doing something about losing weight. I will still be overweight, but not as much.

Tomorrow I am meeting PT to go see 'J. Edgar' at the theater. We always enjoy just getting together about once a week, and he has 2 free passes. At least I am sure this is a movie he will enjoy, though honestly I am interested in it as well. Afterwards, I think I should be able to get to a couple stores and try to pick a couple things towards gifts

Well, I am off to get some other things accomplished before I kick back and watch a movie.


Friday, November 25

Ohhhh, I'm So Full!!

What a nice Thanksgiving Day my household had yesterday. We spent the better part of the afternoon (well, the boys & I) at the MIL's for holiday lunch, followed by family chatter. The Wife and Daughter had gone over earlier in the day to help with the baking and kitchen stuff, plus help with FIL (has Parkinson's). I ate way too much, but I deserve it. By 6pm I was in bed having a power nap, and back up by 9 for maybe a couple hours, then back to bed for the night. That tryptophan (or whatever) that is in turkey sure made for some crazy dreams during the night!

This morning I woke the boys then met Reverend Mother and Preacher Tom at Denny's for breakfast - my treat. It was nice to have some conversation since we did not see them yesterday. From what they shared, it sounded like my side of the family had a good day of eating and games as well. RM gave each of the boys a Christmas ornament, though I am not sure if we will actually put up a tree this year. I know the Wife will want to, but the way Daisy, the Goat Dog (new nick for her), chews up anything and everything, I am thinking we may not have a tree for next year if we put it up. Bad enough Rusty, Spawn of Satan, gets into the tree, knocking ornaments and whatever else he can off of it.

No shopping today. I am sure I will get some done next week, once the masses have returned to the regular work hours. I didn't see any special deals from any stores for anything I wanted to purchase, so I am feeling I am not missing anything. From stories I am reading from friends on FB, I really am not missing the crowds. I have the last of the dishes soaking right now, and the boys are working on cleaning up their rooms. Not sure what we may do this afternoon - maybe just some computer time for each of them so I don't have to drive anywhere. I may end up curled with my Kindle.

Hope your Tday was good!


Tuesday, November 22

Maybe My First Day

Last night my youngest son brought me his Christmas list. His oldest brother had helped him by doing the writing, but all the ideas were his. It is sort of cute. I then told the two older boys I need lists from them as well. Usually we never had to do lists, but I am needing them now. I have no clue as to what to get them. Either way, I may run out to a store near me to pick up one or two items towards gifts. Though, I have not decided to do that 100% yet. I know again this year most of the shopping, rephrase, a larger portion of the shopping, will fall to me, since I have the time to do it. As long as I am told what to buy, and don't have to walk around looking for ideas.

The Daughter is supposed to be in town. I think the plans were she was to arrive yesterday over at RM's, and together they were going to do go thru RM's 'craft closet'. As RM told me, it was to help get rid of stuff she doesn't really use anymore, plus help the Daughter with maybe some craft ideas for gifts, so not as much money will be spent. It works out giving them time to spend together, which I know RM enjoys.

Welp, my brain is dried out now. I think is all I can think about for now. Off for another cup of coffee.


Monday, November 21

Where's That Delete Option?

Sometimes we all wish everything had that option. To be able to delete something we said, wrote, or did. Not even a rewind, but a delete. Just take it out of there completely and trash it. I don't want the chance to make the same thing happen if we were to rewind it.

Many instances from my life come up, where the delete option would have been great. Other times when rewind would have been nice. Yesterday's post is one I though about deleting. I should really learn to stay away from the computer when I have been imbibing. I tend to make absolutely no sense, and babble about nothing. But I think I am going to leave it there. If nothing else, to remind to stay away from the computer at certain times, or I'll do that again.

So it is Monday of the Turkey Day holiday week. Friends and family are setting plans to get together for the meal on the holiday. Afterwards, I am sure many of the guys will be watching football. Not I. We are planning this year to go to my MIL's for dinner. I believe a couple other siblings with their families will be there as well. They're family is not big on watching sports (Unless the Suns are playing - MIL's favorite team). I believe the Daughter is bringing her beau along, too. What will be nice, is they are only a few blocks from our place, so I don't have to drive any distance per se to arrive and go back home.

Either way, I am looking forward to turkey, and mashed potatoes, giblet gravy, and green beans. Though, I should be a good boy and not eat much. I haven't decided about that yet.


Sunday, November 20

Not Sure What To Do

It's 3am. That in itself should tell you what I consider obvious....that I am home from the pub recently. Though, that one sentence, you could probably tell from syntax errors... then again, maybe not. Perhaps I will make more use of that spell check feature. I dunno, as it seems, those underlined in red words are prevalent. But I fixed 'em.

As I sipped my umpteenth beer, and sipped from my (at the time) second shot of Jack, I wondered. Though the things I wonder about may not interest you, the reader here, but still I wondered. Actually, I re-addressed things I felt so insecure about. Employment. Ability to pay the bills. Are my children really that naive about what we, as parents, do to make life what it is....

Sigh. Right now, I sit here resting my forehead in my right-hand palm, this I do that more than I do anything else. It is a comfortable pose for me, it seems. It's one I take, when I don't know what to do.

I've always said that I am an alcoholic. There are different kinds, and though what I consider mine, is more...different; I am still an alcoholic. In the past couple months, believe it or not, I feel it has been more under control. Yeah. That coming from me.... sounds fishy (for family that may read here) but true. Like any addiction, I feel that a 'clarity' comes to me, when I partake. I always wish I had a notebook when it happens to me, and I never have anything available to write things down upon... and that may be a good thing. I am honestly scared what it would actually say, though the thought behind it sounded like a good thing.

Aside from all that, ... yeah, see. What was that great idea? Do I even have the briefest moment to put it (them) on paper... to even retain it (them) as a good thought... no. Were they great ideas...thoughts... ? I don't know. Things that could possibly change the world for a possible better & brighter future, from what I see...? Yea. Sure could have been.

But, I lost that train of thought.....


Friday, November 18

Another Great One

Last night was the Don Williams concert. For my third one I have been able to attend, it was another night of pure enjoyment! Reverend Mother and Preacher Tom both had a great time as well. It's not often that one singer can be so well liked by two generations.

Other than that, welcome to Friday! No major plans this weekend, except maybe try to get a few Christmas gifts picked up - though I honestly have no clue as to what exactly. I asked the Wife to help give me ideas of things to get for the boys, but so far, she has not offered any info. I guess maybe I will just make them sit down and make actual lists this year.

This morning I have been asked to go over to the FIL's and sit with him while Mom goes and gets some grocery shopping done. It's usually only about an hour or so I need to sit with him, so it isn't too bad. His Parkinson's has not gotten to the point where I have to physically help him do bathroom events. I am not looking forward to that day. Too many recollections of when my Dad was paralyzed and sick with Cancer.

I have a couple good movies from Netflix to watch this weekend - or at least I hope they are good. 'Green Lantern' and 'Pirates of the Caribbean 4' are 2 of the main ones I remember. I watched 'Dinner With Schmucks' yesterday, and actually chuckled a few times. It's hard to find a decent movie out anymore it seems. PT and I are planning to see 'J. Edgar' after the holiday.


Thursday, November 17

While It Sits ....

I have been contemplating what blather I should post today. I actually have spent a decent part of the last couple hours on this topic, intermixed with some Facebook, and doing the dishes. Finally, as I let the pans soak, I figured I should waste some of that precious time writing this for you. Impressive, ay?

Don Williams concert tonight. The Reverend Mother and Preacher Tom are looking forward to it, as is the Wife. I'll actually have to behave, or at least be on better behaviour than when I am in public by myself.

Yeah, that's all I got. Guess I should go finish the dishes.


Wednesday, November 16

Downer Day

Ugh! I was back in the gym today for the first time in about a week, maybe more. I got lazy last week, and blew off my regular Wed & Fri mornings, and made no effort to go Sat morning to help make up for them. Followed by a weekend of drinking. Mon I did not go to the gym, as I was 'recovering'. So it was no surprise to see a negative change to my weight goal. Yeah, in other words, I gained a bit. Sooo.... With about 3 weeks to go, I am not sure about hitting my goal.

I am not all that depressed about it. As of this point, I still have lost about 40 pounds since Oct 2010, so in just over a year, I would say that that figure is not bad. I am eating healthier, feeling better, etc. etc. Good job to me overall no matter what.

Yeah. I ain't feeling so happy about it, but at the same time I ain't depressed. One of those.... eh, kind of things.

It's Hump Day today.... and us guys know what kind of humps we like!!

Gee, I am feeling MUCH better already! Thank goodness for Google Image search!


Tuesday, November 15


I'm back home again. Actually, I was home yesterday, but after all that drinking, I needed a day of recovery. I can't seem to bounce back to my usual dreary self as fast as I used to do. The race was a fun time, considering. I had not realized it, but we were with distributors for Coors Light and Miller Lite - so needless to say there was no shortage of beer. It rained for a few hours (starting at 3am) but the track was blown dry, and the race started on time. They had garage passes, but due to having other business contacts showing up, I didn't get a chance to get in a group to go, so no pictures. Inside Track at turn 2 was nice though.

The Don Williams concert is this Thursday. RM, PT, the Wife and I are all going together.

Yeah, still trying to figure out what is going on....


Saturday, November 12

Heading Out ....

... to the track later on today. Looking forward to hanging out and talking man stuff, drinking beer, and watching the race tomorrow.

So, this morning will be spent doing some running around. Like usual, I waited until now to get out and pick up a couple needed things.

Have a good weekend.


Thursday, November 10

Gotta Love Dollar Beer

I am looking forward to this afternoon. One of the fine adult refreshment establishments I frequent has $1 beers back from 12-3pm, so guess where I plan to be today.... and from 3-6pm, free wings! And man, those things are good!

The three boys had parent/teacher conferences last night, and the Wife was able to make it to all of them pretty much. I decided last minute to not go, as I knew all reports would be good, and grades would be fine. They were. Oldest is holding a 4.0 still (in Jr High, but still... he does have advanced classes).

Going to see Don Williams in concert in a week. Taking RM and PT as well. I am excited.

Gee, I have such a boring life sometimes.


Wednesday, November 9

I Went Out Last Night ....

...nothing as fun and with cutey looking girls like this video, but I did. It was trivia night at one of the watering holes I like. Only 20 questions, but I like actually learning something every now and then. Having a few beers, and doing karaoke afterwards is fun, too. Tommy, the bartender that runs the trivia, does a nice mix-up of questions, some easy, some hard, but I have never gotten all 20. I think most I ever did was 16 right.

Nothing major planned the rest of this week. Race on Saturday night (well, heading to the track anyways). I called and finally set my Dr appointment for Dec 12. I have about 12 pounds I want to drop before then. Guess it's time to cut back a bit more on the food.... and beer.


Tuesday, November 8

Tense Morning

Just short of 10am, and I am already feeling exhausted. I had my dentist appointment this morning. One of the two root canals, and crowns, that were done over a year ago, had started giving me problems. A blister-like anomaly was occurring on my gum. After some review of an x-ray done at my cleaning a couple weeks ago, the main though was that possibly some slight debris left in one of the canals, or even a micro-channel, was there that had been missed. It is supposedly causing a slight infection around the root, which when pressure from chewing, was causing the infection fluids to be pushed to the exterior gum area. At least that is the way I understood it in basic terms from the Dr.

Today, he was drilling into the tooth again, to re-check the canals for looseness, or missed 'debris', or whatever else may be the cause of it. I was worried and tense throughout the procedure, as they were not numbing me up. Even though he had reassured me that the tooth was nerveless since the root canal. I guess it is the pessimist in me, that if there was something there that was going to hurt, they would find it. Happily I admit that there was no pain or discomfort during the whole procedure. The bad news is, everything is good. Doc explained what all he was doing, and all the work was solid, with no signs of the cause. My shoulders and neck are a bit sore though from me being so tensed up, waiting for that bad moment, which never came.

Next treatment: waiting. Doc feels that the problem may actually be a fractured root on the tooth (but he is unable to confirm that with the x-rays they have). An endodontist has the capability to do a 3-D x-ray of the area, with better clarification, to verify if this is the exact problem. However, Doc says what is best for the immediate time, is to wait. Mainly to see if the blister-like formation occurs more often, if any pain or discomfort starts. So, some wasted time for me and Doc on this procedure this morning - only due to the results though. At least I wasn't charged for it. If nothing worse happens before my next cleaning in about 6 months, we'll take a look and see how things are/feel. If it is a bad root (or fractured) it means an extraction, which I hate to think about after going through a root canal and crown - and the costs of both.

Otherwise, things are going well. I will be calling Stuman up today I think, to get plans organized for this weekend. Nascar is in town, and he is taking me out to PIR (Phoenix International Raceway) for the race. I will be with him int he courtesy Military tent on the inside track, and we should be able to be fairly close to the cars in pit row before the race - for pics - and may even meet a couple drivers. Oh yeah, and free beer. I haven't been to the track for a race in a couple years or more. I last took my oldest son and it was his first time. Hoping to get to meet Jr. (my favorite driver) but know not to get my hopes up.

Looks like Turkey Day this year we will be spending it with the Wife's family up north somewhere. I have not heard who is hosting it this year, but I plan on making my cherry delight dessert to take as they always tease me about it when I don't. It's the first dessert to disappear each time I take it to the family dinners. The Daughter is planning on her boyfriend going this year as well, so he can meet some of the Wife's side of the family. Should end up a good time where he and I will be able to sit and attempt conversation. I am not of a conversationalist with him, mainly because I have no clue what to talk about - never have been good at that. Well, aside from possible threats to him if he hurts my daughter....

Okay, I should move on to other things for the day. I know I have a sink full of dishes that need to be done.


Monday, November 7

Drizzly Day

The Wife woke me up at 5am this morning, just to tell me it is raining. 'Good. We need it,' I said, as I rolled over and went back to sleep. I guess she had been awakened by the sound of the rain, and felt she needed to share the fact with me.

Getting rain in Arizona is generally a nice thing. It helps bring down the temperatures, brings in needed moisture and water for the dry desert areas. I like it as it helps bring down the particulate count in the air. For those without allergies, it means usually a couple days of easier breathing for me. Less blowing of the nose, watery eyes, etc. We had some rain just a couple days ago. It had rained out one of our softball fields our league plays on, but otherwise, was not bad. Temps had dropped down to the 60s daytime level, so the weekend was actually quite nice. This morning however, it is a bit chilly. As I drove to the gym, newsradio said it was 40 out, though the rain had stopped, it was a bit chilly in my gym shorts and work-out tee. I was able to work up a good sweat though this morning, and felt even colder as I left to head out to my vehicle. The hot shower at home felt good!

Tomorrow morning I return to the dentist chair, as they  do a re-treat on one of my crowns. I don't recall if I had specifically posted the issue, but either way, they need to go back into the tooth as it appears they may have missed a micro canal when they did the root canal. They can't numb me up until it is found, so I am not looking forward to it, but it needs to get done.

Other than that, the boys have parent/teacher conferences this week. I do not expect any issues to be brought up to our attention. All the kids have always been well-behaved and do well at their schoolwork. It'll be nice though to hear the teachers give them some nice words of praise.

That's it for now. Down three pounds this week, in my goal to lose 15 this November. At least that is somewhat on track. I should call the Dr. Office and set up my appointment for Dec. Bah!


Saturday, November 5

Getting Stuff Done

Being a Saturday morning, our family has changed the regular routine. Regular would be boys playing around until after lunch, then The Wife getting after them all afternoon to get some basic stuff done around the house. Usually I am off on my own, doing stuff on the computer (read: playing computer games) while these other things are going on. Today I decided To help.

So, while she had the two younger boys helping with getting laundry started, clean laundry put away, etc, and the older son in his room supposedly cleaning, I did the dishes again. I say again, as I have done them a few times this week. I think I may just start doing them on a regular basis. I know it makes the Wife a bit happier, knowing I at least did the majority of them.

Now dishes are done, I had to scold the older son, as he was just laying on his bed and not cleaning his room. He has just a few more minutes before I return and check for progress in the mess of his room. The younger boys are still helping the Wife.

This afternoon we are heading out to a free farmer's market thing the school district is supporting. Hopefully we can find parking, and there will be some stuff there still that we can use. I should say that the boys will eat, rather than use. After that, I think we may head up to CostCo. The Wife got a membership there recently through work, and we need to get the pics done for our ID cards for the store. Plus, it would be nice to go through and see what all is available there. I'm a bit excited about it. I know they have pickles!! And Beef Jerky!!

So, enough for my weekend! Hope your's is a good one! See ya Monday prolly!


Thursday, November 3

Entertaining Myself

Yesterday I actually got tired of my usual stuff. I went through my regular routine of emails, Facebook, FB games, blog reads, etc. I played a little bit of Warcraft. I read a bit on the Kindle. I even did a trip to the gym first thing. Then I got bored, and it was only afternoon. I am not much of a television watcher, though I do catch some shows on that wasn't much of an option. That, and the afternoon schedule on tv is boring as hell I am sure. I popped in a dvd I had from Netflix, but it was some weird flick I picked out on a whim, and it was bad. I made it through about 20 minutes of it before I had to shut it off. It is enroute back this morning already.

So, for lack of anything else to do, I did some dishes. Rather, I washed them. Normally this is a task I leave for the Wife to do, as I particularly do not care to do them. Who am I trying to kid? I usually don't like to do much of anything. But dishes is right up there, next to vacuuming, dusting and windows. Anyways, so I did a load of dishes. Looking now, you couldn't tell. It's not even noon here yet, and already I am bored enough to head into the kitchen to do the rest of them, and the new pile from last night. Those of you with multiple children at home, understand how they mysteriously quadruple after one meal.

Sounds like a nice thing I am doing for the Wife, huh? Not really. She deserves much more for having to put up with me. Maybe I am doing them again today just because it made me feel good to do something nice for her without her asking/telling me to do it.

Man, I am turning wimpy. But I think what sort of nice returns that could happen....


Wednesday, November 2

Coming Up On Five Years

I renewed my domain name this morning. I debated using a new one, but it was easier to just renew the old one. So, will bring you right to this blog still, as it has for the past almost 5 years.

Doesn't seem that long ago. But I looked back through my posts.... through the garbage to say correctly, and there it confirmed November of 2006 was my first post here. Though I admit, I originally started over at almost a year before that, though it wasn't under this blog title.

For those of you new, welcome! And for those of you that have been here awhile...thanks for staying!


Tuesday, November 1

New Name

It's that time. Not a time many of you would be aware of, but that time none the less. Domain Names.

I have had the 'domain name' of for the past 5 years, on a deal I got back then. Now, the expiration time is up (literally like tomorrow 11/2) and I need to decide if I keep it or not. I still have the address, just lose the domain attachment.

I haven't posted much in the way of boobies, as of late....more lately than not. And beer. Heh. I have been drinking more than I have been posting any of it - not that a posted pic of beer is any consolation, and I know I would rather raise one with y'all, than post a pic....

So. I have pretty much less than 24 hours to decide if I keep the domain name, or change it, or whatever.

I am thinking - it is not taken. same price. Not the search glamour (which, is funny sometimes).....

If you read soon... what do you think?