Wednesday, November 9

I Went Out Last Night ....

...nothing as fun and with cutey looking girls like this video, but I did. It was trivia night at one of the watering holes I like. Only 20 questions, but I like actually learning something every now and then. Having a few beers, and doing karaoke afterwards is fun, too. Tommy, the bartender that runs the trivia, does a nice mix-up of questions, some easy, some hard, but I have never gotten all 20. I think most I ever did was 16 right.

Nothing major planned the rest of this week. Race on Saturday night (well, heading to the track anyways). I called and finally set my Dr appointment for Dec 12. I have about 12 pounds I want to drop before then. Guess it's time to cut back a bit more on the food.... and beer.


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