Friday, August 12

First Week Done

Today is the last day, of the first week of the boys going back to school. I realize I am going to have to get better at getting up at 6am to take the middle son, but otherwise wasn't a terrible week.

Work is pretty much the same. My back is fine, and hasn't given me any problems. Things are picking up, as we head into our more busier time of year. Who's think that appliance repair would have a busy season versus just steady work?

Rev Mom and Preacher Tom are headed out this weekend. RM celebrated another birthday just a few days ago, and being the black sheep I am, I still haven't gotten her bday card(s) over to her. I know she won't mind if I wait until they get back, but still....

Guess that is all I have today...


Monday, August 1

Another Week

It is Monday again, and the last week before the kids return to school. I don't have much to say today. I thought about griping about the problems we went through last Tuesday getting the middle Son through registration ... and the three hours it took, but I decided not to do so. It just gets me riled up a bit more each time I think about it. One would think a school that has been there for many years would have the process down to a routine by now.....

Got insurance, registration and title changed over for the oldest Son's car.

And for some reason that feels like all I got accomplished last week. I am sure there are other things that got done, but I can't recall any off the top of my head.