Thursday, April 30

The Animal is amongst us

It's been about three months since I wrote about having to put our family dog, Spunky, to sleep due to old age and complications. In that period, not once have the kids mentioned anything about wanting another pet, or even hinted at a desire to have something. I think they seemed to enjoy the less responsibility of having to feed/water, let outside, etc.

Well we knew the party needed to end sometime, and that happened last night. The Wife had swung by the homestead prior to picking up the kids for the evening. There was a kitten in the middle of the road. Being the type of person she is, she went to get it out of the street (this is right in front of our home BTW). Then she realizes the kitten's eyes are matted shut with gunk, and it is skinny as all hell.

I was out at a party and the Wife calls me. "Honey, I was on the way home and found a kitten in the middle of the street."

I mentally frowned. I knew what this was leading towards. "Did you run it over?"

"No," she replied. "But it's eyes are matted close. Can't we help it?"

Of course from there it was over. She helped clean the gunk from it's eyes, and we set it in a pet carrier with some water and soft cat food for the night.

Today I spent several calls on the phone trying to find a cheap vet/clinic to see about getting it's eyes checked, plus all the vaccination/rabies shots and what not required. Best I found without driving across the valley is around $260 - for a damn kitten. Needless to say, we are going to discuss the issue tonight over dinner (about half an hour away).

(Sigh) Another animal to worry about that the kids are keeping up with taking care of it, and who to watch it if we are out of town. At least it doesn't need to be let out a few times a day. I dunno what to do at this point.

Soooo, that's the new stuff for now. Just another mouth to feed and expensive Dr. visits.


Tuesday, April 28

Time Marches On

Geez, it is Tuesday already, and I guess I am just not prepared for it. Feels like another Monday to be honest.

The Daughter has a band concert tonight. It should be the last one of the year. I know she has yet another choir concert this year as well. The oldest son said he has a band concert yet this year as well. Squeezing everything into that last month prior to school being let out I guess.

So that is all my excitement for the time being. I am off to watch a couple of made for TV movies of "Spenser:for hire" and a couple episodes of "Nightmare & Dreamscapes".

Oh, I forgot. Here's an updated pic of the kids taken at Easter this year.


Sunday, April 26

Resting up Day

Sunday is definitely a day of rest at my house. Played a round of golf yesterday and didn't do too bad. But there are those muscles I haven't used in awhile and they are letting themselves be known. I did win a drawing of a golf travel bag, which included a new golf bag as well. That was cool. Since I am planning on going to Indiana this August, I am thinking maybe I want to bring the clubs along now and maybe get a round or tow of golf in somewhere.

My youngest son (4 yrs) was stung by a bee the other day. Turns out he has a slight allergy to them and broke out in hives the next day. He is almost back to normal now. Then just a couple hours ago the oldest son was stung on the cheek. I guess we'll find out if he has any allergy to them by tomorrow. The Wife and I are neither allergic, but it is a trait from her side of the family.

Watched a good Nascar race today at Talladega. One heck of a good finish.

Guess that is all I have for the time being. Be back later this week with more I am sure.


Thursday, April 23

Returned from the Dead Zone

It's nice to be back in the Internet world again. Due to the inept bumbling of Qwest phone services, the household had been disconnected since about mid day on Monday. My guess is that the idiots disconnected the line from my house at the junction box whilst doing a hook-up/disconnect on some other number. Needless to say, it finally was taken care of by yesterday evening and 200+ deleted spam emails later here I am.

Not that you missed anything exciting, mind you.

Just some ranting and raving from me. Mayhaps some serious sweating and trembling while lying in a curled up position in bed, sucking on my thumb and tapping the fingers of my other hand against the blanket. Blank spaces of nothing happened several times I am told as well. My withdrawals were so severe, that even I couldn't drink alcohol. Yeah, that bad - lol!

Yesterday was the StepDad's birthday. We won't mention how many years young he is (isn't that what they say "years young" once you reach a certain year?) I called and wished him a good one, and clarified our plans for Saturday when we play in the golf tournament. It will be nice to get out there and swing a club as I have not done that since the last tournament back in November.

And the weather is perfect for it! We hit 102 for the first triple digit temp day this year on Tuesday, but it is cooling down to an estimated 88 by Saturday. Good morning for golf!

Okay, I need to run. Wife and kids will be home soon, and I got some other stuff to do yet.


Monday, April 20

Thank Goodness for Budweiser!!

That just makes me sound like a true alcoholic, almost. But I truly am thankful for them in a way. See, this weekend was the Nascar race here in Phoenix (the night race - we have a day race in November as well). I had been trying for two tickets for the oldest son & I to go. Well, the Bud Rep for the bar I go to finally came through late last week with 2 very sweet seats. Needless to say, the son's first race experience was a VERY, VERY good one! A little more on that later....

Friday evening my bro Scotty B married Lisa and the Reverend Mother performed a nice small ceremony. We had to change the location at the last minute almost. I had called the parks dept for the park we were going to have it at, and inquired about their irrigation schedule. Well, I was told never on the weekends, in the picnic areas. Found out Thursday that that is not true. But it still turned out well, as we went to another nicer place, and had it done in a rose garden.

Saturday of course was race day, and JediRalphIV (as he calls himself online) and I were there early before gates opened. We bought our souvenirs (hat & T for him, hat for me) and walked around. Our seats were right between turns 1&2, right where they race to come off pit row. The race was good - no wrecks, only a couple spin outs and 1 blown tire. But the son loved it. The first time thrill of the motors revving, and the atmosphere of being there live. I had a disposable camera with us that he used to take several pictures. I told him to take them as it was his memories to make. We finally made it home a little after 11pm.

Sunday was recovery day mostly for me. My legs and back were hurting good from the exercise of all that walking the day before. In the evening we took Scotty B & Lisa out for dinner with my family then called it a night. They are headed back to NM today. Good news is they are looking to move back to Phx here in June hopefully. Be good to have my bro back close again.

So yeah, it was a pretty busy weekend. Expensive pretty much too. This week I guess I need to fight the urge to go to the bar to save up more money. I have a golf tournament with the StepDad this Saturday, which will be nice. Very warm out - it is supposed to hit 100 by tomorrow.

Pics will hopefully be up later this week of race day. I need to get them developed yet. Working on planning the next big day for the middle son. I am thinking maybe a round of putt putt golf and then watching "X-Men" when it comes out sometime after May 1 - but not sure yet.

Glad y'all stopped by. I got some blog reading to catch up on, so I'll see ya later!


Tuesday, April 14

One down, and One to go

I'm back! Welcome to a rest day as I prepare for the next upcoming wedding. The wedding for my buds Hawk & Sandi was this past Saturday. Friday night it had started raining, and since it was going to be an outdoor wedding, we weren't sure it was still going to happen. But sure enough, the rain held up for about an hour, and the wedding went on. Fifteen minutes after the vows, it started raining again. At least the reception was indoors!

My big bro Scotty B is getting married this Friday evening. This is the ceremony where Reverend Mother will be officiating. They are to arrive in town Thursday night, so from then on through the weekend I know not how available I will be to do any posting here.

Other than that, life is going on. We finished up our taxes last night. I am pleased to say that we are receiving monies this year from both entities. Mostly because I was out of work most of last year. Of course, this year isn't looking much different.

We have gotten my Sis to start casually looking for a new home for us. We are in a 3 bedroom, 2 3/4 bath home now. We need at least a 4 bedroom now with the kids growing as much as they are. It'll be awhile I am sure before we find something we like - hopefully in the same school areas.

My brother Stuman has finally gotten some sort of orders from the Army now so he can start getting a paycheck again. Of course, from what he told me Sunday, it sounds like he has to go to California for 2 weeks, home for 4 days, then off to Mass. for 2 weeks for more training. At least it is a paycheck finally though.

Easter was good. We all went to Sis's and had a nice large lunch. We hid eggs for the younger kids. I am still working on some of the leftovers sent home with us.

That's it for now. Will update next I am able with some different info.


Tuesday, April 7

You can tell it is spring!

Allergy season has hit here in AZ. For the past 2 weeks I have had the itchy eyes, runny nose, constant throat clearing "Hmph!". Seems like nothing I can get over the counter is working. At least it will be for only a few weeks longer, then it will be so hot everything dies off until November.

I have a fairly busy schedule the next couple weeks. More signs of spring - weddings. I have one friend getting married this Saturday, and another the following Friday. The second one I have been trying to get all the arrangements taken care of as they are coming in from Albuquerque.

Easter is Sunday. I think we are going to be planning it to be at my sister's house in the afternoon. The kids will like that.

Okay, I need to head off into the sunset and get some other stuff done - like get my library books returned.


Friday, April 3

sporadic posting

Again, I have neglected keeping anything going on here. I apologize. Things will be lighter for the next week or so. There are some things happening in real life that need my attention a bit more.

Drop in to see if anything new pops up - I may surprise myself!

Be sure to check out all the blogs on the side whilst you await my return.


Wednesday, April 1

Sounds Good with a British Accent - NOT!

Wot ya mean it was no good? T'wasn't last night fun? Wit yer pasta 'n breadsticks?(sigh)

Yeah. I thought it was good. But then, that was me and mine thinking. The night after, I get home in good time, but she on the banshee trail.

I gave up.

That leaves me here, writing to those that may listen. SHE has rescinded to the bedroom, where I am headed to next. May my story live on, and best case, may my new story live on.

See you on the other side....