Tuesday, April 7

You can tell it is spring!

Allergy season has hit here in AZ. For the past 2 weeks I have had the itchy eyes, runny nose, constant throat clearing "Hmph!". Seems like nothing I can get over the counter is working. At least it will be for only a few weeks longer, then it will be so hot everything dies off until November.

I have a fairly busy schedule the next couple weeks. More signs of spring - weddings. I have one friend getting married this Saturday, and another the following Friday. The second one I have been trying to get all the arrangements taken care of as they are coming in from Albuquerque.

Easter is Sunday. I think we are going to be planning it to be at my sister's house in the afternoon. The kids will like that.

Okay, I need to head off into the sunset and get some other stuff done - like get my library books returned.


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