Sunday, April 26

Resting up Day

Sunday is definitely a day of rest at my house. Played a round of golf yesterday and didn't do too bad. But there are those muscles I haven't used in awhile and they are letting themselves be known. I did win a drawing of a golf travel bag, which included a new golf bag as well. That was cool. Since I am planning on going to Indiana this August, I am thinking maybe I want to bring the clubs along now and maybe get a round or tow of golf in somewhere.

My youngest son (4 yrs) was stung by a bee the other day. Turns out he has a slight allergy to them and broke out in hives the next day. He is almost back to normal now. Then just a couple hours ago the oldest son was stung on the cheek. I guess we'll find out if he has any allergy to them by tomorrow. The Wife and I are neither allergic, but it is a trait from her side of the family.

Watched a good Nascar race today at Talladega. One heck of a good finish.

Guess that is all I have for the time being. Be back later this week with more I am sure.


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