Saturday, May 24

Wish I went to college ...

It's been another week, and I now have to courage to confess, yes, I was truly smashed when I posted last. I didn't remember doing it until the next day when I read it, so that was some damn good whiskey!

The job search is still in progress. I have had several turn downs due to too much experience. Actually have had a couple turn downs due to no college degree. I still don't understand the catch-22 of experience versus college degree.

I actually have broken down and prepared for hopefully some interviews soon. After about seven months, I have shaved the beard and actually got a haircut. I almost don't look like myself, but I do clean up pretty nice, the Wife says.

It is Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend. I am headed off to a buddy's house for some bacci ball. Sunday will be spent watching the Indy 500 and the Nascar races. Monday will be at Veterans Cemetery in the morning and then my sister's in the afternoon.

The kids are out of school as of Wednesday this week. Wonder how that will affect things here at the house. Play more Mr Mom I guess.

Hope y'all have a good weekend and will be back later!


Monday, May 19

The multi - apology post

%amn. Couldn't get past the headline without a correction. That makes 10 now. Of course, you don't see it, but I am running ragged to fix as many imperfections I can prior to posting this. Why? How the HELL am to know?

Besides these obvious facts: 1) am using a spare computer at the sister's house, which houses a keyboard in which over 90% of the keys are rubbed off; 2) it is at 3:30am, and I am drunker than usual and 3) feel free to pass it along to the proper British gov't personnel you might know. Not tnat I really give I damnn, but some how still awake; and finally 3) who gives a rat's ass.

Hey -- two #3's. /bonus for the cheaper whiskee I am drinking.

OK - "F" this. I miss y'all and tried to get 'up to speed' as soon as I am able.


Thursday, May 15

What is today?

That is how things feel for me around here lately. I wake up trying to figure out which day of the week it is, does the oldest have early school today? Do I need to get up? I need to get a job to get some order back in my life.

I know my posting has been non-existent for a few days, but I have not had much to add to here for now. I am obviously still looking for work, and spend the rest of the day either reading, or costing Netflix a lot of money. I think I have watched over 15 movies these past 3 weeks. Add about 20 books on that.

So, that is my update for now. I am still trying to get around to the regular reads, so forgive me if I miss a day or two. Hopefully better news will be here soon.


Monday, May 12

Mother's Day aftermath ... I am still alive?

See, here I go again. A year or more ago, I wrote some basic rules that I should follow in continuing the whole 'blog experience'. The Numero Uno Rule was supposedly, No posting under the influence of any alcohol. Well, I think I have broken that enough to actually call it a rule now.

Yes, it truly is about 3am as I write this, and probably will be a little bit later once I edit it for all the misspellings I know that are gonna show up. Oh well.

Saturday I spent the day with the family, and we went to the 'alternative zoo' in the Phoenix area. I mean, we have the Phoenix Zoo, who have got the million dollar sponsors, and all the rich and lively looking habitats for every odd named creature on the earth.... but we went to the zoo on the "other side of town" called the World Wildlife Zoo. Only maybe a few dollars cheaper than the Phoenix Zoo (still too much for my opinion). Needless to say, the main reason we went was for the youngest male child of mine. He is 2 years of age, and we determined this would be the best age to view the 'Masters of the Wild' and not question why they are caged up. So, he was able to see 3 White Bengal Tigers, 1 white Bengal baby, plus many regular animals you expect at the zoo. The Wife and I noted a few missing (bear of any type, elephant) but all four kids made no note of it. They were able to feed a giraffe (ya know that animal has a 1 foot long tongue? I got pics to be posted later). They also enjoyed feeding some parrots, and overall the day was well spent. I was kept out of the bar for several hours, and the DTs never hit. Always a good thing.

So the morning light brings Monday to us. I have several places to follow up with regarding employment. I also need to download the zoo pics from the camera. I have a few places to travel regarding work ... but overall, will be a slow day for the 1st day of the week. I have a movie card for $25 - maybe I will go catch a movie, but I am waiting for the Indy Jones one later this month....


Wednesday, May 7

Humph Day is here again ...

Yeah, I said HUMPH Day, instead of hump day. Seems frustrating to not had at least one interview after a week and a half. I have done follow up calls to where I have sent resumes, and many of them are still collecting resumes/apps prior to going through them. Others just don't contact you when they have turned you down. Kinda pissing me off at the moment.

Soooo, that is my brightest thing I have for you today. I was able to take some time and catch up on alot of my blog reading today. Seems weird when you are used to doing it most every day and suddenly you missa like 4 days and .... aw, ya know - like a soap opera of ya miss a week of episodes.

I think I am going to go out and catch a few beers. Ya'll be good!

Oh, short story posted over here.


I have been neglectful ...

Does that look right? N-E-G-L-E-C-T-F-U-L. Hmmmm, spell check seems okay with it.

Either way I have been neglectful (I always have to slow down to two finger typing when spelling that word - I think because I have never had to spell it before) of my blog lately. I know it is now VERY early Wednesday morning, and here I am. The Wife has already been on my ass tonight (not about the blog, but, ya know....) and I am trying to get things done for the next day.

Job search sucks. But hey! I think we already knew that was gonna be a factor of the contention over the next few weeks. No leads as of yet, but things are rolling ... doing follow ups... who knows?

I was told tonight by someone, that I should look into doing the audio recordings for books on CD or tape. I have been told over the years that I have a great story-telling voice, especially when it comes to jokes, but I never thought about it before. I think I will be looking into that tomorrow - can't hurt to see where it may lead. Imagine, you could be reading this blog, and listening to a book that I am narrating... freaking weird!

In the meantime, I apologize and I promise to get back here more often for updates. This week has been hell already, and I am recovering what's left of it as best I can. See you soon!


Oh - and since I messed up the regular Monday thing, here ya go!
Good dentist! I should go there for what's left of my teeth, huh Catfish?!

You know it is too true!!!


Friday, May 2

Week One - Still in Limbo-Land

Well, it is Friday, and it is the end of the first full week of job unemployment. I have sent out via online about 10 resumes/apps, and have only had one call this week. It was for a job that I had not even applied for, but they had seen my resume online. But I turned them down right away. I am not going to recruit people to sell insurance.

I have been neglectful in posting here this week, but plan to improve over next week. Most of this week has been searching/registering/applying with some online services to help locate a job. Also a bit of reaching out to friends to see if anything is available were there are at. Other than that, it has been stir crazy at the d00d's home. By the time the Wife arrives with the kids, I am ready to either go to bed, or get out of the house. Usually seems to be ending up in bed. You'd think with more of this free time, I would be spending more time at the gym, but I haven't even gone for about 2 weeks now. No motivation, and the pounds are starting to stack up again. Maybe I can try to get out mid day during the week, and that would help end some of the stir craziness feelings... I dunno.

Tomorrow is a softball game. Seems the company one of my Buddies work at want to challenge the regular softball team. We will be playing best of three games, and having some brews at the park in the morning. The weather here has been great, so should be a good time. About another month and it will be good swimming weather!!!

The daughter performed last night in the final concert for the HS band. Turns out she was short just a few points to qualify for her varsity letter, but she should achieve that next year no problem. The middle Son, Nate (5), had his school's Field Day yesterday morning - which I attended (to get out of the house). He was so cute doing some of the activities, and I wished I had had the camera. His teacher took some photos, so possibly I can get some copies still. All the mid quarter grades for the kids are good. The oldest son, Ralphd00d IV, has a 7th grade reading level - not bad for a 4th grader. I keep urging him to read more than play his Gameboy. It's nice when all the kids love attending school. I have no clue where they got that trait.

Okay, so enough for this post. I need to go check my email again, and catch up on some blog reading. See ya back here soon!!