Friday, August 29

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Tuesday, August 26

My Stupid Update

I have received many complaints from e-mails, from verbal responses, and even from comments made indirectly. I have not posted enough.

True I have have not posted many items of deep intellectual thought, or political side-edness. No, I have not posted my opinion about many tings on the many sites I visit (though I still try to read them when I have a chance).

Does that make me a dumbass? No. It makes me one that doesn't post enough - one that has dropped the ball I used to roll on and post regularly. I, too, miss those days.

For those of you that know me, I have been in the search for a job - somewhat close to the income level I have been at. One cannot go to Wal-Mart for $7/hour, when one is used to commission that exceeds $3000/month. I wish the latter one were me, but you understand.

Right now I sit on a chair, scratching my head, dealing with a broken left-footed big toe, and tired of reading ads, reading online jobs, and will go to bed feeling nothing but the pain in my foot. Life in Phoenix ain't great. Throw the last 11+ years of Real Estate and mortgage industry away. It ain't no good here. But - HEY! It's okay!

We have Wal-marts! I am applying tomorrow. At one of them "Super Wal-Marts". I could be a grocer, maybe a stocker - on either side! The Wife would be happy with anything I can get now a days..... Hell. So would I.

Due to my situation, I miss hanging out with several of my friends, who read here. They say they understand, but who knows.

I need to run. Six AM comes early ( I take the Daughter to band early every day of high school) and at the end of the day, the oldest boy, Ralphie, is playing football with practices from til 8. Leaves a lot of time I wishing I was at the bar.

I'll try to post more. Meantime, I read many books, and have several stories in process. Maybe I should finish one soon.


Sunday, August 24

For those, I left behind...

Sounds simple. That opening phrase. I, once who published here frequently, without fail, with out fallout from an employer, etc , etc. Here I am again.

A simple man. A man with a family. A man that wants to make the world do things around him. A Man, that is willing to make to make them happen.


Also a man, that has limitations.

Tonight, I was on my way from the bar (go figure). My driver side window was down, no other windows. I was the only one in the car. And I heard some kind of angelic music.

I know it sounds stupid. But A simple man, in a situation, where one is unemployed, and I am hearing this music - more than I can explore. It lasts until I pull into the drive, and I tell my wife "Shhh!"

I can hear it still, but it is falling fast from my ears...

I came to my keyboard tonight, with the thought of throwing this in here.... and believe it or not, there is a little lizard here. Now in Arizona, we have lizards all over - most are geckos. [Save the Gecko/Geico jokes to yourself.] Coming in at 2am, I woke the Wife, told her to stay in bed, this was more than worth her getting up for. [talking about the angelic singing in my car from the windows being down]

Angelic singing? Harmonic balancing? No matter how many times in the last week, with my oldest son in the car, never did the sounds appear. No matter how many times I am drunk, driving home from the bar, with the window down, did these sounds never appear. When alone -

- until tonight.

Job. No, I ain't even thinking I could do that.

Tell me what you think.


Sunday, August 17

It is hard

I will admit. It has been awhile since I tried posting some comment or other.

I have died. At least, I feel that way. Playing Mr. Mom was never an easy game, and I learned it the hard way over the past few months/weeks/days. ARGH!

The oldest son is in football....

The daughter is in Band.....

The gun is loaded. Psyche! No - more to come in a couple of days. Story too.