Monday, February 28

No Pain, No Gain? Huh?

My bed is old. More particularly, the mattress and box springs are old. Especially with my weight over the past few years, it is just wearing out. My side has a slight indention where I sleep, compared to the Wife's side. We have been talking of getting new ones, and are basically waiting for them to come on sale. California King Sizes aren't cheap, I found out.

What brings up the condition of my bed, is my back. I know over past posts, I have mentioned my back getting 'tweaked', and most of those are occurring at night, during sleep. I believe it is a combination of my weight, the support (or lack of) with the mattress/springs, and moving in my sleep/position changes. Needless to say, it just makes for some lower back pain when moving.shifting my legs for a day or so. Ibuprofen usually helps the most, and not moving. Well, Saturday morning I had woken and had some slight twinges going on. No major deal. I wrote it off to the usual causes, and added the bit of walking I did while shopping and stuff on Friday (my legs were feeling the exercise). Went to our birthday thing, no major problems.

Sunday morning, I went to sit up before rising from bed and knew it was a bit more than Saturday morning. Walking wasn't too much an issue, but shifting my legs, like adjusting your feet while sitting at a desk, would trigger a little spasm and nerve jolt. This morning, it is just as bad. So take some ibuprofen and don't aggravate it, I would normally think, then follow through with that idea. Unfortunately, we get the possibility of testing some of my pain thresholds. I say possibly, because it may not happen.

See, I send out a mass email to family and close friends each time I go to the doc, to let them know how I am doing. As many of you know, the encouragement and support helps one do better, or at least strive to do better. Anyways, Preacher Tom (PT), my step-dad, had responded when I mentioned I needed to do more exercise, but I was so out of shape, would have to do some walking to start anywhere. He suggested we begin walking of the mornings. Yeah, you can probably see where this is going.

This morning will be the first morning PT & I meet up to do a little walking. I say little, because I am so out of shape that I am not sure how much waling I can tolerate, between the 'out of shape', the sore back, the weight that makes the back and knees and hips hurt more, etc etc. So I think popping a couple ibuprofen (or maybe 3 or 4) right before I meet up, will help. And bring my cane. I am so dreading it. I need to do it for my health though. It helps he wants to do this with me - as PT hates to walk by himself as well. Kind of like, having support to push yourself a little more, and "be accountable" thing I guess. Though I am fighting my natural urge to call him and say "Not today, I tweaked my back in my sleep the other night, and don't think I can do it". Yeah, I can be a wimp sometimes.

Today I am fighting it though. Even if I only make it across the parking lot and back (that is ALMOST a joke - but it may turn out true today) it is a start. Like everyone else, I wish it was easy to get the gains (lose weight, work muscles, etc etc) and not suffer the pains (actually having to work at exercise, sore muscles, etc etc). Sigh. I got about an hour before we meet up for Walking: Day One.

Oldest son has the Honor Band concert tonight. They have been practicing Monday evenings for the past 2 months about it seems. He also is in the District Honor Band, which practice Tuesday nights, and their concert is in April. I am so proud he plays well enough to make these groups. The next year or two, the next son will be able to join band or orchestra, and pick what instrument he would like to learn. I am looking forward to a few years after that and the last of the kids picks his. That being, if the last 2 even decide for music. A post for later I think....

Have a good day. March starts tomorrow - will it be coming in like a lamb or a lion?


Saturday, February 26

Five Years Ago

I was in my mid-thirties, had a job I enjoyed and made decent money at. The daughter was only in Jr High. We had one computer at home, and though I have the same car now as then, we also had a blue dodge minivan. Things were pretty good. And my youngest son was born.

Today we are headed out to celebrate his birthday, and I know he is going to love the presents he gets today. I went out yesterday and got him the big 6-piece Construction Devastator he wanted, plus the Starscream jet transformer. I also picked up a dinosaur toy as he is into them as well. The Wife has some other presents I know he is going to like as well.

The Daughter made a surprise appearance at our door last night. We were not expecting her to come up this weekend, and her brothers we're really happy she did. It's nice to have all the kids together for a family birthday. The Grandparents don't know she is in town, so will have a nice surprise when they meet up with us for lunch.

Nascar is in Phoenix this week. Supposed to rain this weekend as well. Stuman is headed out today, to watch the Busch series race, and stay the night. I have another friend going for the main race on Sunday, I might tag along and since I don't have a ticket, just hang out and tailgate at her truck. Not sure if I want to do that yet. Depends on the rain situation I think.

See y'all on Monday.


Friday, February 25

Friday, Party, Shopping and More

It's finally Friday. Last night I slept with an oximeter on. This morning I make my final trip back to teh place to drop it off. The doc will review the data recorded and determine if I can go with out the oxygen hookup with my CPAP at nights. I am hoping they will, but have a feeling nothing is going to change. I may just cancel the thing and say fuck it. I don't notice any difference with/without it.

Tomorrow is my youngest son's 5th birthday. Being the bad father I am, I spaced it, and was reminded last night from the Reverend Mother. I am going out shopping today for a 'Construction Devastator' that he really wants. That a 'Transformers' toy that has like 6 vehicles that combine into 1 robot. Toys 'R Us is suppose to have them in stock according to the website for the store near me. We are celebrating by going to the local pizza and video game place near home, and inviting family. The Wife was better prepared. She had not forgotten like I had. As we discussed briefly this morning, several other presents were hidden away and ready for tomorrow.

So, now my morning is shot doing this running around. The driving alone is a pain, but hope I don't have to mingle with too many people. Yeah, I ain't feeling too social this morning.


Thursday, February 24

Allergies Can Just Go To Hell

I am so sick of having allergies. If there was a procedure to have them removed, or whatever, I would be looking into it... even if my insurance didn't cover the cost! This morning I awoke to teary eyes and a runny & clogged nose. Weird to have both (runny and clogged that is).

In a bit I got to head back over to the medical plaza in Glendale to pick up the oximeter. Am hoping my allergies clear up for this evening when I use it. But I could see it that my breathing is not good due to allergies, and that would give them the wrong data. That would be my luck.

Nothing else exciting today. We are closer to Friday. Got my results from my blood test from the doc yesterday. Cholesterol counts: bad stuff is down and close to our goal. Good stuff also dropped, so need to work on getting that up (exercise is best way). Sugar is down (good) and triglycerides are down (good). He is talking about possibly doing a stress test, or setting one up next time I visit. Seems my EKG showed some 'subtle' stuff on the left side, he thinks it may be due to the sleep apnea, or possibly the blood pressure. Either way, both are being worked on.

Okay,  can't think of anything else at the moment.


Wednesday, February 23

Nice Change

IT is nice this morning to not have to worry about driving over to Glendale for an non-necessary amount of time. Of course, it does so happen I have to do that tomorrow, and then again Friday morning it seems. Either way, at least I won't be too angry at the waste of time (and gas at these prices) to do that.

Nothing special on the agenda today though. Thinking lasagna for dinner tonight. The Wife was going to make it last night, but we didn't have the time, so I said I would start it early for her, so it could be ready for when she got home. That's big for me. I usually don't do those things, and even less offer to help do them. But it is something I am working on changing.

I got the new book from my Blogging For Books club. It is called "Love At Last Sight" and is about relationships - on how to work at building them into longer, stronger and happier ones. Not just love relationships, but with family members, and even friends. I am only a few chapters into it, and the information is interesting and I find, useful. Not that I have many relationship problems, but myself, like many people though they may deny it, I do have relationships that could use more work to prevent from losing them altogether. I look forward to finishing this book, and what different ways it may have as suggestions that I can try.

Okay, that's all I got for now. Nothing special, but call your Mom today (for those that can) and say ya love her. I will.


Tuesday, February 22

Step 2: Repeat

I am still a bit peeved. This morning I have to do a repeat trip, of what I did yesterday morning, except, today, I hope they have their shit in order and my equipment available. It made me pissy all day yesterday that I wasted the time and gas to do run out there and they had no clue as to where stuff was, or when to expect it in. If they have it in this morning (though no phone calls have come in yet) I will still have to make a trip tomorrow morning to turn it in, though I shouldn't have to meet with anyone when I turn it in. Just hope they have it today.

Edit: Pissed off again. Just as I was pulling into the parking lot of the medical plaza, my phone rings. It is the guy I am supposed to see, calling to tell me they do NOT have it. AS I AM PULLING IN THE DAMN PARKING LOT!!! So now I had to re-schedule AGAIN for Thursday morning. I have never "went off" on a person in the 'medical community' but this poor bastard got a piece today. I feel no guilt or remorse at it. If he wants to be with a company that is this fucking disorganized, so be it. I am definitely letting my personal physician about my experience and suggest he find a different place for referrals of this sort. ERG! They couldn't call 10 minutes sooner, before I drove all the way there..... Damn!

Other than using the oxygen meter tonight, I have no plans today. I am thinking to curl up with a book. I got some new hardbacks in the other day from the Sci-Fi book club, plus I still have about 30 titles on my Kindle. I need to look and see if has any new ones to download too....

Watched "Eat Pray Love" yesterday, and it was nice. Sis, sorry you didn't care for it. I guess another proof of our differing tastes. I know there are several other films out there you enjoy that I can't stand... and I know our music tastes differ quite a bit. Maybe you are just adopted! (LOL you know I am kidding... most of the time.)

Okay, I need to get a couple things done before I go driving out. Be good.


Monday, February 21

Medical District, Here I Come

I have an appointment this morning over in one of the "medical districts" (what I call the area around a hospital). It has to do with my sleep study I had done back in October. Last Monday while at my doctor's, I had asked about getting off the oxygen that is in-line with my CPAP at night. It is set for 1 liter (which is not much) and I could save the money that it is costing to rent the concentrator each month. Needless to say, he checked the papers, and the sleep-study doc had said 6-8 weeks and then monitored at night for the oxygen level to determine if still necessary. It's been 3 months and the fuckers never contacted me about this. Sooo, the doc called them, and I got a call the next day. Today I go to learn to use and pick up an oxygen sensor to use overnight, then return tomorrow. They will then pass the results to my doc, who can let me know if I can stop using it.

Edit: What a wasted trip. I arrived (early) and got int pretty quick, but they didn't have the machine I needed to take home. Previous patient hasn't brought it in from that last use (wasn't last night they said). So, now instead of returning it tomorrow, I have to go pick it up, and waste Wednesday morning returning it... IF they get it in there today. Supposedly they "assured" me it would be there. I told them to call me either way, as I didn't want to waste my time going there if it isn't there. We'll see if they bother to call either way. I am a bit peeved now. A doctor would have charged me for his time, even if I wasted it, and these fuckers did that to me today. I should bill them. I would feel better if I could....

It isn't far, in fact, it is only a couple blocks from where the Wife works, but I still hate driving over there. Every medical district has 50 million old people there, so parking sucks, and having to deal with their diminished driving skills.... frustrating at times. But I need to do it I guess. Either way I am going to. Either this, or schedule an appointment even further away.

It's Monday. Kids are out of school. They are at Grandma's though, because of my appointment. Have "Eat Pray Love" dvd here, thinking may watch it later today.


Saturday, February 19

Remember Good Saturday Morning Cartoons?

I awoke this morning without the aide of the alarm clock, the Wife, or the Kids. Not even the damn cat, Spawn of Satan, jumping on me caused me to awake. The regular arising each morning at the same time did. About 7am my eyes were opened and additional sleep went somewhere else.

I set myself out on the morning couch and turned on the TV. Mind you, I don't have cable channels, or satellite. It was a big improvement for us to go get an HD box. No need for all them extra channels, since most of what the family watches, are the regular shows on regular TV - when we have the time to watch them.

Anyways, I was flipping through the multitude of channels available, and then perusing the online tv guide for each channel. What ever happened to those cartoon shows we watched as kids? All I saw were shows I couldn't even begin to recognize names of, and the few I did see on, were like japanese anime (the white people with stand-up funky hair and HUGE round eyes) and other crap. Where's my Bugs Bunny? My Yogi Bear? Even others like Hong Kong Phooey, Justice League of America, Hanna Barbara toons, Captain Caveman?!? Sigh. Good entertainment again has disappeared.

What were some of your Saturday Morning favorites?


Friday, February 18

It Just Ain't Happening Today

Yeah. Any regular reader out there knows me somewhat by now. All I got to say is, I went out last night. I was good, didn't drink like I normally do. But have one hell of a hangover this morning. I wonder if it is because I didn't drink like the fish I usually am....?

Needless to say, that leaves me unable to formulate a post today. Hell, it's Friday anyways, why should anyone care? Go have a good weekend.


Thursday, February 17

Wanted: Pessimist With Severe Motivation Issues

I got to admit, being out of work for almost 3 years is pretty depressing. I had given up looking for anything in my line of work about 2 years ago. The housing market for Arizona was just too devastated to have any hope of a job in that line of work, with so many places closing doors and going bankrupt, etc. Our family lucked out that the Wife has a great job, and the likelihood of continued employment and job security for her are pretty damn good. Different aspects of he medical field are always needed.

So having lost hope of a job in my field of work, I put in for 'other' types of jobs, with the main requirement being NO SALES. In short, I am not a salesman. If you were to talk with me about buying a product, I could not force my sale on you with my product if I didn't truly fit your needs better than something else would. I hate anyone trying to do that to me, and I just can't bring myself to do it to someone else. Or worse, just pressure them into buying something... Ugh!

The majority of jobs available to me, without a college degree of any sort, are pretty limited to: Sales (which I won't do), Telemarketing (sales again), Manual Labor (which in my current state, is not feasible, unless they want me to have a heart attack lifting that 25 lb box and carrying it 10 feet), and General (the miscellaneous of the jobs that fits nowhere else). I don't have the looks for a modeling job (unless it is the "Big" of 'Big & Tall'). Nope, can't do the live on-site managers of an apartment complex. Not going to sell subscriptions of the local paper (sales and imagine calling people trying to sell a newspaper when so many have the internet - or worse, doing the door-to-door - which they advertise for as well). I have applied at what I feel is so many jobs, and been either 1) ignored - no contact back to me, and if I follow up they tell me the job is filled, or 2) Flat out tell me I am over-qualified. It all leads up to being very depressing.

I am depressing myself. The point I was trying to lead into, is that my 'big' Bro, Scotty B, has passed me on a job invitation for a company, working online at home. Job sounds great, pay sounds decent, he has been doing it a few short weeks now, and says it's a decent job. The Wife and I talked about it back when he first told me about it, and it sounds almost too good to be true. I guess the worst of it is the hours. It is a 24/7 operation, and they obviously need to cover all shifts, all days. Based on info from my bro, the best way to get a M-F type shift, so I can keep weekends free for family, is to work graveyards basically. Due to seniority, getting a day-shift at the start is unlikely. The Wife and I thought that could work, if I could manage a night shift say like 10pm-6am. I would be at home, still have time for errands/appointments for me and the kids in the day, evenings free for kid's school activities, and early mornings to see them off to school, etc.

I have been sitting on the job invite, not sending anything in, now for about 2-3 weeks. I don't know why. I think because it is too good to be true. Everything sounds like it could work to my advantage almost too well. I am such a pessimist, I am wondering 'Where is that other shoe going to fall?'

I need to get off my ass and make a decision and do it, one way or the other.


Wednesday, February 16

Achy Day ... No Humping

I don't know what I did. I do know I awoke this morning, my lower back aching, as if I "slept wrong" and did something to it. Not the first time, but it is a bit more painful than I remember it being in past times. Then to top it off, my left knee is throwing a spasm on touchy nerve endings, too. Feels like arthritis, which is a good possibility. I am just feeling old today.... sigh.

So, dentist appointment came and went. Got my new crown. My jaw is still a bit sore today. The cavity work was on the lower left, furthest tooth back, and the crown was the upper left furthest tooth back.... so, my mouth got to play the role of "Grand Canyon" (no snide remarks please) for most of the visit. What is nice though, is the new technology. Using digital measurements and a computer, they can map out how the new crown should cover and space between other teeth... there is a machine that literally carves it in like 15 minutes. Then they fit it, make sure the bite is ok and fits goods - maybe a few minute grindings, then they bake it for 15 minutes and cement it in place. All done! And at a smaller cost than the regular porcelain type (that takes 2 appts, and 2 weeks to get done). I was happy. No 2nd appt - lower cost. And there was a credit on our account, so my out of pocket yesterday was lower than I had planned. BONUS!

My older son was home sick yesterday. Some "bug" that had him depositing liquids from both ends. He is feeling better today. The middle son, oh boy. Monday he was being 'released' from his grounding from the incident last Monday. The one where he pulled the fit when time to go to school, and refused, cried, fought anyone taking him. I had picked him up from school, and was 'nice' to let him know I was dropping it a few hours early, and gave him his gameboy. We went home, I let him have some computer time (he was grounded from that too)... Wife comes home, and I found out, he had acted up again just that morning! Of course he had not bothered to tell me, knowing the punishment he had just finished would now be doubled. I was very upset. Needless to say, Gameboy came back to me, his punishments were delivered, and then I added to it. I felt because he had knowingly with-held the info about acting up again, when he knew I should have been told, was in short, deceiving me, and close to being considered lying (this being the way the Wife and I see it). So I added 1 week in his room minus dinner, school, etc. That's on top of the no computer, Gameboy, etc. Last night after only 1 evening and afternoon of getting after him to get back in his room (he kept sneaking out to see what I was doing, or get a drink, or this or that) I gave him an alternative. He is to write 1 full page (1 side) explaining what he did wrong, what he is going to do to prevent it from happening again, and two alternate punishments should it happen again.

At one point in my life I wanted to become an English Lit professor. Then it lowered to a HS teacher in English. Then not a teacher at all. I now understand why. Either I don't explain things well, or in a way he could not understand it, because he wrote about 10 lines for me to read. It was the wrong subject of what he did wrong (he wrote about the fit before school, not the deceiving as I had indicated) only said he wouldn't do it again, and had some weird-ass punishment listed. I told him what was wrong and to go back and fix it, he could just do it on the remaining 2/3 of the page. Fifteen minutes later, I have him back with just under the 2/3 filled, had the same subject, a better way of correction (though it was a glorified "I won't do it again"), and 2 punishments - both of which consisted of odd number of days for individual things. Again, I explained what was needed. This time I specifically told him what he did wrong that was to be the subject. I explained in what I thought, better detail about how to correct it, and lastly, explained the 2 alternate punishments, cannot have just the # of days switched between things (ie. 4 days no computer, 3 no Gameboy and 4 days no Gameboy, 3 days computer) and could not include anything he was already grounded from currently.

I heard several minutes of crying and whining in the bedroom. I explained to the Wife what I had changed regarding this particular punishment. She was okay with it. At bedtime, I told him he needed to finish it tomorrow (today now) after I picked him up from school. If I approve of what he writes, I conditioned I MAY alter the time length, or type of current punishment (ie. work it off different rather than just be in his room, etc). We will see how that goes.

And that, drags on this post for longer than you are probably interested. Gotta love the family drama, eh?


Tuesday, February 15

A Crowning

So yesterday's doctor visit wasn't as good as I had hoped. Some of my disappointments were evident. I had gained 5 lbs overall in the last 3 months. Though the doc was ok with that. Considering the holidays, and that I had quit smoking, he said it was normal for some people to have some weight gain, and for me to gain only 5, was not bad. My blood pressure is still high, so I am taking a low dose med for it now. We also did blood draws for a 90 day reading on the AC1 (diabetic sugar) and my cholesterol counts. Depending on what the results are, I may need to take some more meds to help bring the numbers to a better range. Otherwise, everything else was good basically.

In 15 minutes I leave to have my cavity and crown done. Not looking forward to sitting in the dentist chair for two hours.

That's it for now.


Monday, February 14

The Dreaded Doctor Visit

Welcome to Monday. I am not particularly happy this morning. Well, I guess I am a bit more cranky, tired, and apprehensive more than anything.

Yesterday we drove down to Tucson for the Daughter's choir concert. It is the last one of the school term that we will be able to attend (it being on a weekend rather than the weeknights). She did wonderful, of course, and we were able to get back on the road to home about 9:30pm. Tucson normally is only about an hour and half (or so) from our house. Last night, the trip home took 3 hours. Short of halfway back, there was construction(always somewhere between Phoenix and Tucson) and down to one lane. It was literally stop and go for 10 miles (rough estimate though the Wife says it was less miles than that). That alone took 45 minutes of the trip. Needless to say, we didn't make it home until after midnight (after my regular bedtime), and I had a harder time falling asleep as well. I think I was still mentally awake and running thoughts, though my body was telling me it was beat.

So, a bit less sleep than I get on a more regular basis. Top that off, I have my 3-month follow-up at the doctor. Today's check-up is going to be mostly concerning my blood pressure (to see if it has gone down any) and possible medication for it (if not improving); my weight (to see if I have been losing any); possible EKG reading (so he has a "baseline" for my file); and that's about it I think. I've said before the weight is what I am worried about most. BP I am hoping is better since I quit smoking, and started the CPAP treatment. I am hoping that medication will not be required as I prefer to not take any if I can get away with it. Speaking of, I am taking my aspirin and allergy tabs now.... before I forget. I am going to ask about getting rid of the oxygen (goes in-line with the CPAP at night) as it is such a low setting, and I don't think it makes any difference overall. Plus, it could save us $50/month.

Tomorrow morning is my dentist appointment. Notice I crammed these both within a short time. I really don't care for doctors that much, regardless what field it is. Anyways, I get a cavity done, and a crown tomorrow. Two hours in a dentist chair. Just how I love to spend ANY morning. But the good part is it will be done, and I shouldn't need any dental work aside from the cleaning/check-ups for the future.

Okay, I need to finish getting ready to head out. Will edit and update when I get back, I am sure.

Edit: Will just update the doc visit tomorrow.


Saturday, February 12

Rise and Shine!

Geez. I was up and out of bed this morning at 6am. On a Saturday. WTF is wrong with me?

No major plans this weekend. The Wife had wanted to attend the VNSA (Valley Nurses-something or other) huge book sale at the fairgrounds today. Great place to get used books for really cheap. I mean, people walk out of there with grocery carts full of books. We had gone in past years, but guess we are not going today. I mentioned I really didn't need any new books at the moment, and she admitted she doesn't have as much time to read. I added the boys don't need anymore books either. A nephew had passed along a couple bags of books for the older boys.

Tomorrow we are headed down to Tucson. The daughter is having a choir concert in the evening. She only has a couple during the year that are on weekends like this that we can attend. We have talked it over and she will be staying in an apartment with 2 other friends next year of school. Place checks out pretty good, and ends up being a bit cheaper than the dorms. On her Spring Break she will be bringing the paperwork for us to sign and approve it all.

Well, I am off to do whatever today since tomorrow will be busy.


Friday, February 11


You know it's going to be one of those days when the earworm starts as you awaken. This morning, it is ...

Yeah. I know. Hadn't heard them since the 80's, and back then, who would have thought George Michaels would go on with a solo career for a few years?

So, it is Friday! The weekend is almost here, followed with Valentines Day on Monday. Another commercialized holiday, might I add. Nothing like requiring people to spend money. Which reminds me, I need to check if the middle son will need us to get valentines for class. Joy. Myself, I have no plans for anything "special" with the Wife. We both generally feel that most holidays are over rated with the implied intentions. (Did that make sense?). Besides, our Anniversary is coming up soon, and if we want a babysitter (read: family member) then we would prefer to save it for that time.

Over the past couple weeks we have come across more pictures for me to scan. I had thought ;ast summer I was done, but no. Seems an ongoing thing. Here's one that isn't too bad.
That was from the summer of 1998 and shows a smaller version of our family: Myself, the Wife, the daughter and now, the oldest son. Hard to believe she is now in college, and he is in Jr High. And I was alot skinnier... sigh.

Okay, I am off to do some more stuff. I have been going through some miscellaneous papers and deciding what to keep, what needs some sort of organization, and what gets tossed. Sounds like alot, but it isn't. Just accumulated papers, mail, etc around my computer area.


Wednesday, February 9

Hump Day!

Welcome to Wednesday. Meaning nothing other than the middle of the "normal" week (as if any of us have those).

Because it is Wednesday, I have nothing of interest for you. Go read some of the links on the right... they are some good writers, and some are even humorous. Some mentions for today....

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Too many others to list today... I read through all as often as I can! you should check some of them out!


Tuesday, February 8

Crunch Time!!

That post title reminds me of stuff I am not supposed to be eating. Which is probably why it popped into my head this morning, as I thought about the next seven days.

I took my middle son into the dentist this morning to have a couple old fillings fixed. Seems they had fallen out, or  broken out... Either way, needed new ones. At least the area had not become a cavity again. So that little trip reminded me I have a dental appointment next Tuesday morning for a cavity, and my last crown. A nice 2-hour visit. An expensive visit. Sigh.

But before that, I have a doctor's appointment on Monday. It has been 3 months since I last saw the doc. I will be able to find out how much weight I have lost, if my blood pressure has dropped any since I quit smoking, and I am sure a few other side things as well. So I have six days to worry about if I feel I have lost enough weight. I know I am not at an end goal, but I am hoping for a significant amount. Less than ten pounds, and I will be very disappointed with myself. No excuses though. Bottom line would be that I didn't work at it hard enough. Though, I have wasted my time and made several good and reasonable sounding excuses... to ease my own self-guilt. Even if I don't need them, I have them prepared. But it sucks knowing you can't fool yourself.

So, this week I am doing that "little bit extra" for a last possible bonus to it all. Hopefully, I will be able to do it, and make it become more of a habit, so I can push a little more later on.

Nothing else much going on. I been doing a little less computer time and spending more time with my Kindle lately. I need to catch up reading on several novels I have gotten for it.

I got another one of those monthly site counts for here. It was even lower than last month. I must really have pissed off a lot of people. Or don't have phrases like "granny midget amputee porn" for search engines to pick up on for them extra hits. Either way, if you stop by, comment and say hi.


Monday, February 7

Bad Entertainment?

I feel much better today. Throat is still a bit sore, but not as 'crappy' feeling overall. What I still feel crappy about, is this year's Super Bowl. OMG. I have once again been embarrassed by other 'Americans' by their actions. I could not believe the crappy half-time show. I have heard a song or two from the Black Eyed Peas. They aren't my favorite, but not terribly bad. But their show... atrocious! And what is up with those dancers behind them on the stage, with boxes over their heads? Hell, I would not want to be recognized as a performer in that show either!

I had watched the game up until the completion of the show at half-time. By then, I was just disgusted and went back to the computer for games. I missed the pre-game stuff, but after watching a replay, again.... OMG. I can't believe how the National Anthem was messed up. I think that was the biggest disappointment, and embarrassment of the night. The one part, and at the beginning when most of the people are watching, you screw up the Anthem. And I am not happy about the 'Artistic License' so freely used. I don't think one word needs 14 different notes played on it... or was that you trying to find the right pitch?

You are right. Maybe what talents I do have are not as good as those people/groups/performers, and we all know there is no way in Hell I would ever be asked to do any of the Super Bowl entertainment (which makes all of you happy I am sure). But can we just get back to something decent.... something everyone can enjoy (or the majority of people).

Super Bowl XXXV
'Nsync, Aerosmith, Brittany Spears, and Mary J. Blige

Probably one of the better shows from the past.

Okay, enough about the show. It's over until next year, though the next week, everyone will be talking about the commercials.

Here are some of the best Dortios ones I found this year....

Okay. I am sure I will find more later on.


Sunday, February 6

Ummmm .....

Figures. I awoke this morning to a sore throat. Most of the family has seemingly gone through some stage of sickness over the past 2 weeks, and I thought I had escaped it all. Wrong.

Super Bowl Sunday. Whoopee. Commercials.

Not sure what I am doing today, but it probably entails bed... and lots of it.


Thursday, February 3

Fancy Title Here

I got nothing for you today. I'm cold, and really thinking about crawling back into bed, under the covers, with my Kindle, and let whatever may happen, happen.

Had the karaoke finals last night at the pub. I was a participant, having made it several weeks ago. I didn't win. Too bad it wasn't based on talent, and was just a drawing, otherwise, I would have won. No, I am not being conceited like usual when I say that.


Wednesday, February 2

Damn, It's Cold!!

Okay, I have officially become a wimp. It is frickin' cold in Arizona today, and I am feeling it. Granted, there is no snow on the ground, our temps are above freezing (just barely), no ice rain, no weather warnings for extreme snow conditions.... I know we are in so much better weather than many of you, but I still am cold.

And I hurt. This bout of cold weather coming through has my joints aching pretty bad. I should go and get some warmer clothes on, but I really don't own any. How often would I have thought O would need longjohns, or even winter jacket? I think I only have 1 pair of pants (being long-legged). Today would be a good day to get out and get more, except it's too damn cold! I told ya I was a wimp! Personally, I think my inside temperature thingy is messed up... as well as other things, due to the manipulations I am putting myself through for my diet, some exercise, and overall changes in the past few months.

Well, not really, but it is the excuse I think I will go with for all intents and purposes.

Yesterday I heard there were 9 separate blizzards in 9 different states. Some friends have already commented on Facebook this morning that they are still under warnings, and some are snowed in, literally trapped in their homes. Others have had ice storms, and other extreme temperature issues. Global warming can kiss my ass.

Okay, I gotta go do something like move around to get some body heat going. This sitting here wrapped in a blanket at the computer isn't working.


Tuesday, February 1

Interested? Yeah, Me Neither

I got my little email, as I do every month, from the service I use to help track all you wonderful visitors. It seems in the past month, the site is actually down by about half, the regular number of visitors (or visits at least) than usual for the month. My first thought was, I really must be offending some people. Then I got to thinking harder, and realized more than likely, that is not the case. C'mon, January was the start of the year. People were busy doing other things.

But really, it is probably I am not stimulating anymore. Rephrase... I am less stimulating than before. Rephrase ... People just don't like it here. Yeah, that's it.

Don't get me wrong. I do care, sort of, but it is not important to me. I like this blog for the simple fact I can say what I want and not have to worry about it. I mean, even if I said something someone could sue me over, it's not like they would ever get the money from me. Maybe an apology... maybe. But who has money to sue anyone anymore? Why would the opinion of somebody like me matter to some big corporation, or person even? Who knows. But the likelihood of it all happening, are slimmer than the powerball lottery.

Anyways... So last night we talked with our school problem child. Got the typical "I don't know" as to the reasons why, or the causes of. He is now grounded from certain things for a few days, and explained that the period will double on each future infraction. I think that got his attention. Today after a dental appointment, he had no probs going to class.

Dental appointment. Took the three boys, the youngest (4 years) to have his first visit. Youngest did good watching his brothers as their cleanings took place. They had no problems. But when it came to his turn, he would not cooperate. So, try again in the next six months. The office was good. Didn't charge me anything for "missed" visit since he wouldn't comply. Of course, they know in 2 weeks I will be there for my cavity and crown work. They'll make good money off me again this year... but then I will be all done except for cleanings as far as I am concerned.

Okay, I am off to write an email to my grandparents. Have fun. Come back often.