Friday, September 28

Homecomings and Birthdays

When it comes to being a parent, and having kids start reaching those high school years, in a sense, it made me feel more old, than joyous. Of course, each birthday one of mu kids celebrate, makes me almost wince and rush to the bathroom to check for new signs of aging. No, I am not really that vain, but the basis of the thought....

My little girl is 16 today. Sweet Sixteen. She is the first of my four, and the only girl. Talk about a twist in the ol' heart. She's a sophomore; marching band cadet; honor roll student; my baby girl.

Tonight is her school's Homecoming celebration. Of course, she being in the band will be performing during the halftime break. Afterwards, she has already asked, and been given permission to go with several band members to a pizza place nearby for food after the game. She's always been good about getting a ride (from someone we approve) and being home by 12 at the latest. The two older boys enjoy going to the games and watching her perform. Of course, the oldest boy, is just taking up French horn now (in 4th grade).

So, tonight, I am not going to her performance or the game. In fact, I might end up working late - not sure yet. But the Wife and I decided we should do something extra for the daughter today. I get to miss the game to pick up balloons, and crepe paper, and other stuff they hang for birthdays at parties. Yeah, and then I am to go to the pizza place ahead of the band, to prep it for her. Personally, I would have been thoroughly PO'ed if my parents were to do this to me in high school. Of course, they never let me hang out after games... but that is a different post.

Think my baby girl will enjoy it? I hope so. Not much more surprise and all I could afford to do at this time. Guess we'll know in about 5 hours.

She is getting all growed up on me. That just saddens me a little. But I am sure I will get over it.


Wednesday, September 26

It's in my head - and I can't get rid of it!!!

Most people I know has had this happen to them several times in their life. Where you get a tune or phrase stuck in your head and whatever you do cannot get rid of it. It has happened to me again today.

Usually it is a simple phrase as "What the hell do you want now?!?" Ummmm, well, I say that alot, not necessarily think it. Anyways, today's little mind-rolling tidbit comes from a past email I received from a friend. It had been a "FWD" email from someone else, etc, etc, and the original person I saw had this as a mail or account name:


Yeah, you gotta sound it out loud. Definitely some '70s porn music background stuff if I ever heard of it. So I sit here, even now, and say that over and over. Sometimes with a bit more flourish or emphasis on different parts. Been a pretty interesting past hour or so.


Yeah, dig that coolness, man. I can picture the lava lamps, the fuzzy posters in the purple light, and smell the incense (I presume it is incense) in the air. Shag carpet beneath my sandaled feet, bell bottoms on, pick hanging in my 'fro. Nothing gets better than that, ay? My ass...

Yesterday turned into a good evening. I went on up tot he pub I frequent, and recently they had started having Texas Hold'em poker on Tuesdays. I took 1st place last night, out of about 13 people. Not a HUGE win like in a tournament, but enough to make me feel good. The I left my book there, which pissed me off.

Work - we are not going to talk about htat right now. It gets too depressing for end of month, and I know the ret of this week is turning into hell do to certain situations with a particular lender. SOBs.

Friday is the daughter's 16th birthday. She has a performance at the football game that night. It is also my HS homecoming night I wanted to attend, but won't be able to do so now. Daughter is still hoping out for permission to get her Learner's permit for driving. I try not to feel so old.

I am splitting here. Y'all be good.

PeacE - and oompapachickamaomao

Tuesday, September 25

Kidnapped by aliens? Probed too? OMG!!!

No, nothing like that has happened to me ... yet.

This is my EOM week, especially when it has been a f'ed up month. No, never came close to 25 per the bosses telling me WE HAD to close that many. I might end the week with 5 maybe 6 if I am lucky. BIG DIFFERENCE.

Anyways, so I am extremely busy and just have not had time to jot some lines for those of you that care. In fact, this one is short and sweet as well. Mainly in case the Reverend Mother hasn't heard from me, she can see if I still am posting here and know I am alive....

I am stil jumping around ont he link list as much as I can afford off and on throughout the day... so you may see me around. Until then, have fun. Friday is a short term away, then things will be a bit back to normal.


Friday, September 21

Busy day - no time for you

What a day today has been! I am still slammed with stuff so can't stay long. It's Friday, so I am sure y'all know what I'll be doing tonight.

Here's some picture humor for ya. Have a good weekend.


Thursday, September 20

It's Closing time, last call for alcohol

That song by Semisonic has been plaguing me all day. Seems last night I made it to Closing time (2am in AZ) and boy, I feel it today. Been slow moving physically and mentally. I am getting too old to be doing that young kid shit.

Thursday - nothing exciting about this day except it means only 1 more day til the weekend, for me anyways. The Wife and I are attending the Dodgers vs Dbacks game Saturday, so that will be nice. The oldest son got an award from the school for having good grades, and making the right kinds of choices that they are taking a select group of kids to the ballgame Friday night. He is pretty stoked.

The offers have started pouring in my office today. LO's begging for their loans to close, and trying to bribe me to get them done quicker. As if I wasn't moving as fast as I can on everything as it is. Yes, there was just 3 offers of Jack Daniels , large bottle, offered before the noon hour. And 2 offers after that time. By five different people. I am going to just keep moving on like I am , and when they get them closed, see if they hold up their end of the bargain. Most of them never do, but there have been times in the past, that I actually would get stuff like that. Personally, I would just like to close them so I can get a paycheck.

The Reverend Mother is watching the kids Saturday night. I was talking to her yesterday, and she happened to mention that I never put on the blog what I got for my birthday from her. I thought I had, but without going back and looking, I'll admit it (for sense of pride). I got my bib overalls. Somehow she found a place right near were we live in the valley that carries them (Wal-mart, but not the one I had checked out). So, now I gots me a pair, and know where to get more iffen I want to. Happy now mother? Oh, and she got me a book of my wishlist too. One she had to take back - I already had read it.

Eighteen minutes til I am out of here. I think y'all oughtta check out the link list on the sidebar. I have added a couple new ones recently, and I know I need to go back through and take out one or two that are no longer available. Okay, I need to split. Y'all have a good one and we be seeing ya back tomorrow I am sure.


Wednesday, September 19

Aye, Matey. It be dat time of yer agin!

So today is Talk Like A Pirate Day. Arrrggh! I never was very good at it. In fact, now that I have read several blogs today, mentioning what today is, I have a tune running through my head. Too bad I could not have sound to hear if I found the right video at YouTube, but this was the second best I could to remind you of this one...

The Pirate Song

Sixteen men on a dead man's chest...yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

Avast there mates, yer sailin' with Long John Black Beard, Peg-Leg, Patch-Eye Hook, scourge of the bounding main. Bloodthirstiest, black-heartiest pirate captain ever sailed the seven seas, ha, ha, ha! What say ye we hoist the Jolly Roger, heel over the yonder Spanish galleon. Lay a few broadsides agin' her timers, swing over on these here lanyards with our cutlasses in our teeth, cut 'em to ribbons and split the booty. What say ye to that, me hearties? Heh! Ha, ha, ha, ha!

I don't like it....

You don't like it?

I don't like it and I don't wanna do it. It's tacky,...tacky, tacky...and don't look at me that way

Well, if you don't like it, what do you want?

I want to sing and dance, I want to sing and dance
I want to be a pirate in the Pirates of Penzance
Wear me silver-buckled slippers and me tight shiny pants
I want to sing and dance

You want to sing and dance, heh! You don't like plundering, aye? Well, shiver me timbers 'ow 'bout treasuring, huh? Rubies, emeralds and pearls, gold doubloons and British sovereigns. Silver chalices encrusted with diamonds and jewels, necklaces and bracelets of every shape and size, fit for the crown heads of Europe, aye? And all buried in a pirate's chest and I just happen to know where. How about that me bloodthirsty buckos, heh? Ha, ha, ha!

I don't like it.....

You don't like it?

I don't like it and I don't want it....

He don't want it

And I won't do it...I'm an artiste

An artiste? Well, mister artiste, what do you want?

I want to sing and dance, I want to sing and dance
I want to be a pirate in the Pirates of Penzance
Wear me silver-buckled slippers and me tight shiny pants
I want to sing and dance

Now, listen here! This ain't no floating Gilbert and Sullivan show, you know for some little flittin' tinkerbell. This here be a black-hearted pirate ship and I would have you keelhauled if you weren't me own flesh and blood, you little twit! So you don't like plunderin' aye?.....

I don't like it.....

And you don't want no treasurin' ah?.....

I don't want it.....

And you probably don't want no groggin' and revelin' and wrenchin' and rummin' either, I suppose?

Well, deep want to know the truth? It's not me, I don't want it.....

Well, what do you if I didn't already bleedin' know?

I want to sing and dance and.....

I know, I know...and wear your tight little shiny pants. Huh! Okay...we'll all sing and dance (pirates grumble)... I said we'll all sing and dance (pirates grumble)... Or you'll walk the plank, - two - free
(Chorus in pirates' voices)
I want to sing and dance, I want to sing and dance
I want to be a pirate in the Pirates of Penzance
Wear me silver-buckled slippers and me tight shiny pants
I want to sing and dance
(Over chorus, you hear the Captain and twit's voice say)

I like it....I like it

I kinda like it me own self

Thought you would

Sixteen men on a dead man's chest...yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

I don't like rum...

You don't like rum?

Well no, actually...well, I might like a little Perrier

A little Perrier?

With a lime in it...

A lime in it?..... He wants a lime in it.....

Well, do you have any Escargot?


What's the soup today?...


Might have a bit of a salad too!...

Well, how about a bleeding fingerbowl?

Maybe a croissant!...Is that right? Those French make everything so hard! Why didn't they just call it a bun?

(fade out)

That would be what you call classic. I miss songs like that. I think tonight I may go hunting for some of those funnies. So that's all I got for Pirate things.

Speaking of pirates, El Capitan of Baboon Pirates has brought to my attention that a certain author (read: Robert Jordan) passed away this past Sunday. He was the author of the "Wheel of Time" series, which as of this date is up to the 11th novel, and a prequel, and did not look to be finished until at least the 13th book, in my thought. So, now book 12 remains unfinished/unpublished. Now these are just normal sized novels either! Each book was anywhere from 400-800 pages. And that chunk of my life is now over. No end in sight.


Tuesday, September 18

Oh what a crappy feeling day

Today could pass for a Monday. I have been just feeling blah-crappy all day. Nothing interesting to do, plenty of work, just major Blah! Let's try starting out with a funny:

The Ultimate Computer stood at the end of the Ultimate Computer
Company's production line. At which point the guided tour eventually

The salesman stepped forward to give his prepared demo. "This", he
said, "is the Ultimate Computer. It will give an intelligent answer to any
question you may care to ask it".

A smartass who ran a humor mailing list stepped forward and asked,
"Where is my father?"

There was the soft hum of powerful electronic gear going to the task.
Panel lights lit and blinked, and within a couple of seconds the laser
printer printed out a piece of paper: "Fishing off Florida."

The smartass laughed, "Actually, my father is dead! It was a trick

The salesman, quickly thinking on his feet, replied that he was sorry
the answer was unsatisfactory, but as the Ultimate Computer was
precise, perhaps a rewording of the question might work better.

The smartass said to the Ultimate Computer, "Where is my mother's
husband?" Again, the hum of the powerful electronic brain filled the
room. After a moment, the laser printer whirred to life. The paper
"Dead. But your father is still fishing off Florida."

Two hours until I can get out of this place. I am holding my breath.


Monday, September 17

Something funny for ya...

I got this cute pic from the StepDad today. I got a good tickle from it, so thought I would share.

What a wonderful morning in Arizona!

Geez, I think this is the first morning in a long time that it wasn't over 100 by the time I got to work. In fact the high to day is supposed to be only 98. Which brings us to the first day of cooler weather for the Valley. And they say, even a slight, possible chance of showers. WooHoo!

My weekend sort of sucked. Friday, I am doing the good daddy thing, and slipped int he bathroom prior to going to the game. That's right. All that weight coming don on the small of the back and right hip. Thought I would be okay until I went to get up. It's nice having a Wife that is a Physical Therapist too. Needless to say, I still went to the game, using a cane to get by. Saturday I was still using the damn thing to move around. Come Sunday, I missed church of Holy Beer and Softball as I saw no way I was in the mood to sit on a metal bleacher seat for a couple hours, and standing was out of the question. So I slept until 10 then went down for breakfast. We had won by forfeit that morning, so all was good. Looking forward to tonight's game - Washington vs Philly. Sure do hope my boys win!

So, back to the grind on a Monday morning. Thought it was going to be bad, but so far has been fairly easy. I guess all that overtime last week and the bitching, etc. has made an impact. I even got an email back from the owner saying this - an I am quoting it directly:

"I am sorry this is happening. Whenever it seems like we are making a move in the right direction the hammer comes down on us.

Keep doing what your doing and these loans will start funding and we can all start making some money.

Our luck has to start turning soon!!!!!!!!!

Appreciate the effort."

Even the boss man knows when the best time to say some nice words. Made me feel quite a bit nicer this morning.

I am off to get some stuff done, and try to get through the blog reads today. I have been falling down on them lately, and I feel out of touch. Y'all be good and stay outta trouble, iffen ya want.


Friday, September 14

Dat dare is funny, I don't care what ya say!

("Sprach Zarathrusta" plays in the background)

It's come. A long journey has finally reached its end. Today is that day.

(big finish of "Sprach Zarathrusta")

It's Friday!!!! WooHoo! As Dax would say, "Just Damn!" After the week this one has been, I don't know any other thing would make me as happy as I am feeling right now. Five hours to go - if I don't have to work late, and I think I will be even happier. And the really good part about today so far - After the arguments with the owners yesterday, I have been left alone for today, and work has actually gotten accomplished. No shit! I couldn't believe it! Letting me do my job gets things done quicker. Go figure.

Tonight I am off to be the good Daddy that I should always be. The Daughter has a home game, so the band will be marching. I missed last weeks performance due to having to work late. Now it is just a matter of what time the Wife will be able to get off work. Sometimes on Fridays, she has to fill out so many charts it takes her time. I am sure we will still make the game - Daughter doesn't perform until halftime.

Softball season starts this week, so I will be attending the Church of Holy Softball and Beer again on Sunday mornings. It's nice to watch a couple games then head to the pub and watch a couple football games. Home by 6'ish and ready for bed. Yep, normal Sunday for me.

I have a problem at night in that I tend to talk in my sleep. Some nights a lot more than others, but generally something each night. My Wife has tried to see if she can learn any secrets, but like I say to her, I have no secrets to hide -Right???? Anyways, so most nights the Wife says it usually has something to do about work, ie) talking to LO's, ordering stuff, etc, etc. Other times it might include some basic dialogue like phone talk with a friend. Last night, the Wife didn't notice, but I even woke myself up, talking to my hand (like holding a cell phone) and telling the Wife to come pick my ass up because I had no clue where I was. Lost, and telling her to pick me up - clever. Fortunately I woke up just as I said that line and just sat there thinking, "just what the hell was going on in that dream?" Okay, so I found it humorous.

Other than that, I got nothing for you wonderful people today. I think maybe this weekend something will happen and there will be a big story about it... who knows? Anything can happen.


Thursday, September 13

Third update for the day

Amazingly, I am still employed, and also have not snapped. I just received and gave back an ass-chewing to the owners, though, so who know what will happen in the next couple of hours. Seems they thought I was telling everyone that due to the lender situation, several loans were dead. Loan officers could be thespians they way they have been crawling all over, claiming I killed their loans dead - and that they are impossible to do with another lender. Damn crybabies!

So of course I get accused of telling them that their files are dead. Which as I explained back is not true. I told them that we were still negotiating with the lender and that there would be some files that the lender would not do - not that they couldn't go somewhere else. Frickin A-holes!

God, it feels good to get that off the chest. I know you are bored reading about it though - oh well. Let's see if I last out the day, tomorrow is Friday. And I am not staying late here tonight for nothing.


Nerd MEter and an update says I'm a Highly Dorky Nerd King.  What are you?  Click here!

Update: So here I sit still doing my normal job, and in walks one of the owners. Seems they have been locked out of the system for this lender, and he doesn't know why. He has ME - instead of his fucking self- send an email to our rep for the company to ask what has happened, and that I cannot access the website for the info I need to go to docs, etc. Why? Probably because he didn't want to look like the idiot it makes me look like.

So I sent it. It will be hours before I hear back - the rep is SOOOO bad about replying to emails and phone calls. The other day I had a question for her - 4 hours to return email, which I sent the same time I called and left a message. Frickin' idiots!


With malicious glee I walked in ...

... to the office and started my day as normal. As if any day is normal around here. Needless to say, owners have not shown up yet. Rumors are flying around we just lost dealings with the lender we have 90% of our loans through. Everyone keeps asking me what is going on. Sometimes being 2nd in the seniority sucks.

Maliciously, I reply to them that I have no idea. I don't know where you heard this rumor, but I am proceeding as a normal day until I hear differently.

Their faces pale out more, not knowing if their month's check just got canned. Like little twitches of a mouskies whiskers. Oh, it makes me feel like snickering, right in front of them. Then I tell them, "Go away. I got stuff to do." And off they scurry, to another desk to see if that person knows anything. I have heard 3 times we are closing down, 1 that our lender rejected us and we have to re-do the loans somewhere else, and 2 That we lost the lender, but can finish our loans through them.

I'm waiting for the owners to show up. I know there is going to be a meeting. I would be disappointed if not.


Wednesday, September 12

How much should a person take?

We've probably all seen those hot dog eating contests, ya know, with the skinny Asian guy stuffs like 45+ down in 5 minutes or whatever. Of course, he is competing against people like William Perry, which by the size of him, would think he could stuff more than that down in that short of time.

Or what about the people you might see at parties/get-togethers-bars where you see some small fry guy drink people 4 times his size under the table, and then appear perfectly sober. By size, you would assume the smaller person would be blitzed out first, but not always so.

How many of you fishermen out there, have caught a fish that weighs more than the strength of your fishing line? I have. At the same time, I have had fish seemingly less weight and had the line snapped. How knows?

Well, I am at the point I wonder when I am going to snap. Too many times have the branch owners been in my office bugging me as only 1 closing (of their 25 needed) has happened. Somehow, it is my fault. But it was their idea to switch lenders in the middle of each of these, and I have to change everything over, etc etc. God, I used to love my job, but lately it has been a worry for me. I am tired of putting in extra hours, that I probably won't get paid on, where it doesn't seem to make any difference to anyone or thing. I have been plagued by headaches, stomach pains, heartburn, and other symptoms that I know are related to the stress at work. I leave it at the door when I leave - best advice for anyone (thx Freddie) and only talk about it after lights out with the Wife. She understands, and unfortunately, has no wonderful advice. So here I am. Working away on what may be impossible. Maybe I can pull a Scotty and make the crystals miraculously work at the last minute.

If not, well, then I am waiting for the snap. Be wary.


Tuesday, September 11

Not to confuse the issue here ...

So, by the time y'all have worked your way down your reading list to the blogs you hate most - but can't live without, here I am. And, oh, what a doozy we have today.

Are you sick and tired of reading/hearing/watching about 9/11? I am, and I didn't hardly start my blog list today. Radio reports, music radio replaying retaliation songs, sound bytes instead of commercials. I don't mean to sound so selfish and uncaring, but MY GOD PEOPLE!!! Thank some higher power that this is only one day, but I am sure it will be rolling over, as it started before today as well.

Truly I don't mean to sound so callous. My heart goes out to those that lost loved ones. It goes out for those soldiers that have left their families to fight this war started that day. I hope for great retaliation when and where we can get it. They deserve it.

Maybe my head isn't on straight, or Reverend Mother dropped me too many times on the head, but I am so sick hearing about the 9/11 attacks. Hell, when it happened, I thought it was some new movie commercial. Oh well, I suppose I will rot in some dimension of Hell for the way I feel.

But that's just the way it is.


Monday, September 10

Employee dies from methane induced explosion

I tell you what, I am sure glad I don't have no candles in my office. Sure could use some air freshener spray though. All that football celebrating yesterday, and the brats, and the steak, I think it all created a monster in my gut. And that monster has been speaking loudly and to the senses more today that I would have ever thought possible. Whew!

But aside from that, that was how my day went. Was busy throughout, and now am wasting the last 10 minutes of the day sharing personal selections from the soundtrack of today. Well, you can't hear them (or smell them) but trust me, they are playing.

SO, Washington won yesterday YEA! But Dallas won BOO! that was the extent of my cheering yesterday. I was drinking and eating more than that.

Nothing more exciting to wrote about on a Monday. Maybe something better will happen before tomorrow. Think I am headed to the pub for some Cardinals football.


Friday, September 7

Another trip around the sun

Okay, I don't feel much different than last year. Well, except my knees ache a bit more, and the occasional hip flares. Oh, and not to mention the more frequently appearing silver in the hair, and white sightings in the beard. No gray - bright white, or silver. Maybe there are enough differences before I keep looking for more .... I quit.

So I am making myself take a break from work right now. Time to stretch the mindworks in a more fun and imaginitive way. Not that there is much to say.

I left work last night, and per Freddie's advice, left it there too. Had pizza ordered by the time I was home. Ate with the family, and then the daughter watched the boys while the Wife and I went out. I took her to my usual hang out, and I began collecting my birthday drinks. I got some nice presents from friends too. They were late getting karaoke started, so I only got to sing one song to her before the dreaded phone call came. Yeah, you know it. The one where the daughter says she is tired and can't get the baby to settle down for bed. It was due though - after all we were out til like short of midnight. Overall a good evening, and the Wife got some adult time out from the kids. We have another 'date' set for the 22nd. She had won a drawing at work, and the prize was 2 tickets to the Diamondbacks/Dodgers game. Nice - and on my bday too (winning them that is).

The weekend is here, and I a plan on enjoying it. Nascar on Saturday, softball Sunday morning, followed by the Redskins/Dolphins game (where I should win $5 from Tino). Yeah. Gonna be a good weekend. I might even squeeze in some reading time.

Thank you for all the happy bdays you shouted out. Much appreciated. Y'all go and have a good weekend and I will be back on Monday.


Thursday, September 6

It is so easy to make someone depressed

Ain't that the truth. My bosses have gotten me all depressed. Yesterday morning, they walk into my office and say "We have to close 25 deals this month. Is it possible?"

What am I to say to that? No, go fuck yourself? I look at my desk (and the number of files on it), look 'em right back in the eye and said "No way. I might be able to do 15-20, but that's pushing it."

They glance at each other, then turn back to me. "Why?"

"Duh! I have 14 deals that have been sent to every fucking lender we know that is still open. Each one takes three weeks to tell us their guidelines have changed, or worse, they closed doors. So then it gets sent somewhere else. Each time we get a basic approval, I have to go and re-order/change names/update and it is time consuming. I have like 2 files that are going to close pretty quick though."

Of course they are only interested in the 2 closing fairly rapidly. Then leave me with the thought if "we" don't close 25, are we closing shop? Will I be out of a job come Oct 1? What about the 15 or so LO's? Is it my fault if we don't reach that goal?

Yeah. I am depressed. Oh, but wait - it gets better.

Today is my birthday. After work (no late hours today no matter what) I am going drinking. A lot of drinking.


Tuesday, September 4

Something tells me it isn't Monday ...

That's the bad side of a holiday weekend that extends into the next week. Now my days are going to off by one for most of the week.

Hope y'all had a good weekend. I know I did. Had a good Monday over at the Sis's and got some bday presents early. Kids got to wear themselves down swimming and playing all afternoon. I got to sit and relax with some good Canadian Mist and Coke.

Keeping it short and sweet for today's post. I am still trying to catch up on stiff from over the weekend, and this being a short week, I need to get as much done as possible. I am sure more time will be available tomorrow for further discourse, or bitching, whichever I am in the mood for.