Tuesday, September 25

Kidnapped by aliens? Probed too? OMG!!!

No, nothing like that has happened to me ... yet.

This is my EOM week, especially when it has been a f'ed up month. No, never came close to 25 per the bosses telling me WE HAD to close that many. I might end the week with 5 maybe 6 if I am lucky. BIG DIFFERENCE.

Anyways, so I am extremely busy and just have not had time to jot some lines for those of you that care. In fact, this one is short and sweet as well. Mainly in case the Reverend Mother hasn't heard from me, she can see if I still am posting here and know I am alive....

I am stil jumping around ont he link list as much as I can afford off and on throughout the day... so you may see me around. Until then, have fun. Friday is a short term away, then things will be a bit back to normal.


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