Wednesday, September 12

How much should a person take?

We've probably all seen those hot dog eating contests, ya know, with the skinny Asian guy stuffs like 45+ down in 5 minutes or whatever. Of course, he is competing against people like William Perry, which by the size of him, would think he could stuff more than that down in that short of time.

Or what about the people you might see at parties/get-togethers-bars where you see some small fry guy drink people 4 times his size under the table, and then appear perfectly sober. By size, you would assume the smaller person would be blitzed out first, but not always so.

How many of you fishermen out there, have caught a fish that weighs more than the strength of your fishing line? I have. At the same time, I have had fish seemingly less weight and had the line snapped. How knows?

Well, I am at the point I wonder when I am going to snap. Too many times have the branch owners been in my office bugging me as only 1 closing (of their 25 needed) has happened. Somehow, it is my fault. But it was their idea to switch lenders in the middle of each of these, and I have to change everything over, etc etc. God, I used to love my job, but lately it has been a worry for me. I am tired of putting in extra hours, that I probably won't get paid on, where it doesn't seem to make any difference to anyone or thing. I have been plagued by headaches, stomach pains, heartburn, and other symptoms that I know are related to the stress at work. I leave it at the door when I leave - best advice for anyone (thx Freddie) and only talk about it after lights out with the Wife. She understands, and unfortunately, has no wonderful advice. So here I am. Working away on what may be impossible. Maybe I can pull a Scotty and make the crystals miraculously work at the last minute.

If not, well, then I am waiting for the snap. Be wary.


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