Thursday, September 20

It's Closing time, last call for alcohol

That song by Semisonic has been plaguing me all day. Seems last night I made it to Closing time (2am in AZ) and boy, I feel it today. Been slow moving physically and mentally. I am getting too old to be doing that young kid shit.

Thursday - nothing exciting about this day except it means only 1 more day til the weekend, for me anyways. The Wife and I are attending the Dodgers vs Dbacks game Saturday, so that will be nice. The oldest son got an award from the school for having good grades, and making the right kinds of choices that they are taking a select group of kids to the ballgame Friday night. He is pretty stoked.

The offers have started pouring in my office today. LO's begging for their loans to close, and trying to bribe me to get them done quicker. As if I wasn't moving as fast as I can on everything as it is. Yes, there was just 3 offers of Jack Daniels , large bottle, offered before the noon hour. And 2 offers after that time. By five different people. I am going to just keep moving on like I am , and when they get them closed, see if they hold up their end of the bargain. Most of them never do, but there have been times in the past, that I actually would get stuff like that. Personally, I would just like to close them so I can get a paycheck.

The Reverend Mother is watching the kids Saturday night. I was talking to her yesterday, and she happened to mention that I never put on the blog what I got for my birthday from her. I thought I had, but without going back and looking, I'll admit it (for sense of pride). I got my bib overalls. Somehow she found a place right near were we live in the valley that carries them (Wal-mart, but not the one I had checked out). So, now I gots me a pair, and know where to get more iffen I want to. Happy now mother? Oh, and she got me a book of my wishlist too. One she had to take back - I already had read it.

Eighteen minutes til I am out of here. I think y'all oughtta check out the link list on the sidebar. I have added a couple new ones recently, and I know I need to go back through and take out one or two that are no longer available. Okay, I need to split. Y'all have a good one and we be seeing ya back tomorrow I am sure.


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