Thursday, September 13

Third update for the day

Amazingly, I am still employed, and also have not snapped. I just received and gave back an ass-chewing to the owners, though, so who know what will happen in the next couple of hours. Seems they thought I was telling everyone that due to the lender situation, several loans were dead. Loan officers could be thespians they way they have been crawling all over, claiming I killed their loans dead - and that they are impossible to do with another lender. Damn crybabies!

So of course I get accused of telling them that their files are dead. Which as I explained back is not true. I told them that we were still negotiating with the lender and that there would be some files that the lender would not do - not that they couldn't go somewhere else. Frickin A-holes!

God, it feels good to get that off the chest. I know you are bored reading about it though - oh well. Let's see if I last out the day, tomorrow is Friday. And I am not staying late here tonight for nothing.


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