Thursday, September 13

With malicious glee I walked in ...

... to the office and started my day as normal. As if any day is normal around here. Needless to say, owners have not shown up yet. Rumors are flying around we just lost dealings with the lender we have 90% of our loans through. Everyone keeps asking me what is going on. Sometimes being 2nd in the seniority sucks.

Maliciously, I reply to them that I have no idea. I don't know where you heard this rumor, but I am proceeding as a normal day until I hear differently.

Their faces pale out more, not knowing if their month's check just got canned. Like little twitches of a mouskies whiskers. Oh, it makes me feel like snickering, right in front of them. Then I tell them, "Go away. I got stuff to do." And off they scurry, to another desk to see if that person knows anything. I have heard 3 times we are closing down, 1 that our lender rejected us and we have to re-do the loans somewhere else, and 2 That we lost the lender, but can finish our loans through them.

I'm waiting for the owners to show up. I know there is going to be a meeting. I would be disappointed if not.


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