Thursday, March 31

Feeling Like Roadkill, Sorta

I am so tired feeling. Not like, going to fall over asleep at any moment type, but the, I damn sure need more sleep type. My eyes are just bloodshot, and gritty feeling. The body feels... well, I would say it feels ran over, but I think that would hurt more... how about, just blah.

The Wife and I had a wonderful dinner out last night. She wanted to eat at Red Lobster, so that is where I whisked her away to for our dinner. I had a great tasting Surf & Turf (small sirloin and lobster) she had the lobster and shrimp. I ate too much... but it was sooooo good. Afterwards, we went to Cold Stone Creamery and had ice cream for dessert. Then we went and picked up the boys. I went to bed about my usual time, tossed & turned for an hour and a half. About that time the Wife came to bed, and I got up to do something. I surfed the internet for about an hour, then watched 2 TV shows on and finally decided to try to sleep again around 3am. Between that time and 6:30, I think I got maybe an hour's sleep... in 5-10 minute intervals. I just could not get into a good sleep. I had left a note to have me awakened prior to her leaving, so to be sure I was up... I have things to do today.

Things to do. Yee haw. I have to run towards downtown to the Office of Vital statistics, to get another copy of my oldest son's birth certificate. Seems the original copy we had has been 'misplaced'. It has been about 3 years since I last seen it, and have no clue when it would have been needed since then, but it wasn't where we keep them. Thankfully, I can get it done 'same day' if I go into the office for a small fee of $15. If I were to mail a request (with the money) could take up to 3 weeks. And of course, it is needed to get the insurance set up through the Wife's new job... so have to have yesterday - especially with today being the last of March, and coverage is supposed to start tomorrow....sigh. nothing like my wife to wait for the last minute.

Then I need to run to the IRS office here. Thankfully, again I don't have to go all the way downtown, and there is a branch just a few miles from home. But I need to get the 1040 Federal instruction booklet, and a copy of ALL forms. Since the Gov't isn't sending them out, and the booklet to print out is seemingly 500 pages, it is a bit much at the cost of printer ink, etc. And of course, the Wife waited until this week to ask me to get these things. Since we received the Notice they were going to be available online (like in Dec) but now we are down to the 2 week mark. I hope to hell they have the stuff I need.

So, crappy morning. Should be a Monday. Not looking forward to interaction with public today. Did I mention I was tired too? And a bit grouchy.

Hope your day is better.


Wednesday, March 30

Happy Anniversary, Honey

It was 20 years ago that the Wife and I tied the knot. Me for better, her for worse (snicker). Seriously though, today marks our anniversary of 20 years, and I still am amazed she is here with me, but I am glad she is. I'm glad she puts up with me, too. I love you, Dear, and here's to many more years together.


Monday, March 28

Another Monday Has Come

Woke up this morning, with the sundown shinin in....

Yeah. Decent song. I actually woke up this morning, feeling like it was going to be a good day. Had plans to go walking in the park with PT. Needed to do a Post Office run to get a package in the mail for the Wife. Was looking pretty good.

Then my MIL called. Seems the youngest son was giving her problems, and she had to get my FIL to a Dr. appointment. She had caught me as I was preparing to leave for my walk. I called PT and was able to reschedule for tomorrow. The doctor's office was running behind (go figure) so I ended up with the son for three hours. I don't have an extra car seat for my car, so couldn't go anywhere. After they got back, I was able to get to the post office and get that package mailed off, then ran to Subway to grab lunch.

Now, it's only 1:30'ish, and I feel like I am 2-3 hours behind.... but behind for what, I don't know, as everything excluding the walk, is done now. Just a messed up Monday I guess.


Friday, March 25

A Good Morning

Went walking with PT this morning. Almost completed about half the perimeter of the park. A good third of it, if not quite half. Then we went to Dennys for some brunch (my treat). Had a nice time sitting and chatting over food and coffee.

This weekend finds no big plans for us. Most of them were done last week while everyone was on Spring Break. The first week of work for the Wife has been good for her. I can tell the 'less stress' feeling she has everyday when she comes home. It's good!

My oldest son had an English assignment last night, to create a poem following a certain format/style. Here is what he came up with....


I was led by my family,
To school,
so I would receive an education;
To a college,
so I could get a job;
To a job,
so I could live on my own;
To children,
so I might have joy and someone to teach in my hands;
to become old,
so I can teach younger people about life;
to the grave,
so I'll be in the kingdom of God.

He is 12 and wrote this on his own, no help, no lead-off words... And he complained about not being able to do it...Wow.

Have a good weekend!


Thursday, March 24

End of Week in Sight

Another boring Thursday is upon me. Woe is me.

Yep, another boring morning. Been through the classifieds, finding nothing that I could even consider. Except maybe that modeling one. Yeah, I could do that. Pose and look sultry, or with pouty lips. Be on the cover of the next 'GQ', right? Heh.

I been in a bit of a book frenzy lately. Seems like for several weeks there, I wasn't reading near as much as I used to, even with the Kindle. Then I joined the SF Book club (again) and got the introductory package of the 5 books for a $1, and buy 2 more at 1/2 price (which counts to the commitment). So I got a box of books - mostly thicker ones, like 2-in-1 of a series, etc. So now I have like 5 books in progress... "The Griffin Mage" trilogy, Patrick Rothfuss' "The Wise Man's Fear" (which I waited 3 years for the 2nd book in this trilogy). Also have "The Hunger Games" that my son said he thought I might like. It is first of a trilogy as well. Lastly, I have "Watchlist" on the kindle, which is a thriller written by like 14 different thriller-type authors - each doing a chapter to continue the story. It gets pretty wild, and I am looking forward to the next one called "Watchlist II" or something like that, where another group of authors pen the story.

So, yeah, no reason for me to get bored at home, or anywhere for that matter. Doing the walking tomorrow with PT. He has plans to do lunch with Stuman today, so we had to cancel, in case Stuman showed up early.

Okay, I am outta here for now....


Tuesday, March 22

Walking in the Park

Ahhhh, this morning's jaunt with Preacher Tom was a good one. We had to delay from yesterday to today due to rain. We (meaning I) was able to do the whole circuit of half the park, and pushed for just a bit more. I still felt I could do more, but decided that would be pushing it too far. Our second day this week we are planning on Friday morning, and I hope to do at least the same amount we did today. Either way, I am not near as tired, or sore. this morning, and really do feel like doing more... but sensibility tells me not to overdue it.

Don't know if I mentioned it, but the oldest son pulled a trick over Spring Break. Sunday afternoon he "remembers" he has homework due Monday. The Wife and I were sure I had asked Friday starting Spring Break if there was homework to be done (thinking a bigger English project, etc) but he swears we didn't ask. I couldn't recall 100% I had asked, so benefit of the doubt went to him. However, he knows the rules of homework first. So he got in trouble for that. Two weeks no ipod or TV. I was a bit surprised he had pulled this, though he has pulled the last minute homework stunt several times this school year... I guess I should not be surprised. Needless to say, the question is going to be asked more often now.

The Wife has started her new job and seems to enjoy it. Of course, 1 day isn't going to change that much. They had not completely put her 'in the system' so yesterday was a bit shorter for her. Today hopefully she will be able to do her regular stuff. The drive added about 10 minutes in the morning drive-time, and not sure about the drive home. Since she was off a bit early yesterday, today we hope to find out. Should be about the same, as most traffic will be heading west, as she is heading east.

The youngest son had a stomach bug yesterday. He woke with a bad case of the throw-ups and diarrhea. He was feeling better last night, so hopefully no one else in the house got it.

That's ti for today. I am relaxing and playing some classical movements today from iTunes.


Sunday, March 20

Finishing Up the Weekend

Welp, Sunday is here, and everything is mellowing down. Right now the Wife and boys are at church, the Daughter is sleeping in, and I have been getting things done...sort of. I am becoming more and more the first riser in the morning here at home, and today was no different. I had to run over to my friend's house to check on her cat. I had forgot yesterday. Then I sat here and played Farmville on Facebook for 2 hours or so. Yeah, I know. Pathetic, but I was having fun, and nothing more important to do.

The Daughter heads back to college this afternoon. The boys return to school tomorrow. The Wife starts her new job tomorrow. Things will return to a somewhat more normal routine I presume. I will mis it a bit I think. It was nice to have everyone together for a few days, but you know what they say about fish and guests. Family can get the same sometimes.

I am still a bit sore today. More in my knees and hips than anywhere else. one of the disadvantages to all this weight, though I am working on losing it now. As Spockgirl said, "You will find the older you get, the more you pay... for everything." I am finding that out... and not just about exercising either. Tomorrow will bring PT and I resuming our walk in the park in the morning. It has been really nice lately here in AZ (mid 80's) so beautiful to be outside walking.

Debating on meeting a couple buddies this afternoon for a round of video golf, and then maybe a few hours with Patrick Rothfuss's new book.


Friday, March 18


Oh, I am a bit sore today. I must have walked about 4 times the regular amount of walking I do with PT. Which is good, but I am sort of paying for it today. Good news is I am not as sore as I feared I might be. So the walking is actually good... yeah, that didn't make sense, but yeah.

Either way had a great time at the zoo. I am sure some pics will show up today. Then I went out with some friends last night to 'celebrate' St Patricks Day.... and I am paying for that today as well. But that was fun too... for the most part.

No major plans for the rest of this week. Just hanging at the house I guess...


Thursday, March 17

Family Day Thursday

Well, it is already that day of the week, though I am posting quite a bit earlier than I intended. Has something about the elusiveness of sleep in reaching me tonight. Got myself all hooked up and laid there for like 40 minutes or more before finally deciding it just was not going to happen. On the norm, when I am not having a bout of insomnia, I am out in just a few minutes. Not tonight, when I need my rest for the day later on.

We are doing Family Day at the zoo. I cannot believe the prices for this place now. Seems like 15... ok more like 22 or 23 years ago when they started, it was like $7-$10 admission. Now, the place is quite larger (I would guess a good 4-5 times the original size) and admission for adults is like $28. We were just there about 3 years ago, but I don't remember the prices. Another memory failure on my part. But I did get pictures....

Circa 2008 - middle son
 Oldest son
 Youngest son
 and Daughter

We are taking along our 'adopted' daughter as well (good friend of our Daughter) so plan on having some extra fun. Heading out as early as we can, as the weather here has been warm (in the 80's) and we know we will be sweating.

Got the van out of the shop today. Cleaned all the actuators for the door locks, replaced the drives front and passenger sliding door locks. Also the injectors and plugs were getting nasty so they did a fuel system flush. Before we left we checked the locks, and the passenger front door (one cleaned, not replaced) was not locking/unlocking with the key fob, the inside U/L on that door, or the driver control. Had one mechanic some back out, and he 'swore it was working perfectly' when they were working on it. I told him "Yeah, sure. At least it wasn't something supposedly replaced and not working." Needless to say, that will be something for another time. Having done the driver side, we know the replacement cost for parts & labor at least. I think I am going to start searching for another van. I'll take over this one, and the Wife will get the newer one. I can get rid of the POS car I have.

Guess that is about it. Approaching 1am here (PDT) and I still am not tired, but will watch some 'Las Vegas' season 1 on dvd. The one from 2003 on TV with James Caan. It's not too bad.


Wednesday, March 16

A Little Bit of Quiet

I am sitting here, enjoying a bit of quiet time, and a cup of coffee. Everyone is still asleep except for Rusty, the Spawn of Satan, and he is walking around, trying to waken everyone with his loud meows. I guess he figures since I am up, everyone else should be as well.

Well, my Kindle appears to be fine. After letting it charge up a couple hours the other day, it started working properly. All I can figure out was maybe the battery 1) drained really fast after halfway, or 2) it got to a low enough charge, that it wouldn't function properly. Either way, regular use has returned the past couple of days. I will just watch the charge better.

Supposed to have the van ready today for pick up from the shop.

That's about all the excitement I want tot think about today. Maybe we will go out to eat tonight... I don't know where.


Tuesday, March 15

Tuesday of Spring Break

Boy, what a day so far.

Took our minivan into the shop to have them look at the driver side window motor, the locks on the doors, etc. Mentioned the service engine light coming on randomly. After half the day, they called with the estimate and the problems. Another approx $1500 to fix the door/lock issues, plus new injectors/plugs/fuel system flush. They won't have it done til mid day tomorrow,... hopefully. Really starting to think a newer van is in order.

Went for the walk wit PT today. Didn't reach a full circuit, but about 3/4 before my legs just wanted to give out. Worked up a decent sweat too, so I felt pretty good considering. Though now, my muscles have stiffened up and are a bit sore.

Not much else going on. Need to rest up for the walking on Thursday when we plan to take the family to the zoo.


Monday, March 14

Oh, Piss!

Not very happy. My Kindle seems to be having issues. A call to be made since it is under warranty. I have a feeling I will be sending it in, and be without it for an indefinite time...


Update: Well, after reading and trying several things from the Amazon website in regards to troubleshooting.... including the reset - which didn't seem to work, I finally just plugged it in to the USB. Now when I had done that the other day, nothing happened. This time, it actually flipped through several different screens, and then appeared to be charging. I was able to open the folder for it via computer, etc. I let it set for about half an hour, and unhooked it from the system. Now I was able to turn it on (which was the problem before) and see that the battery was reading at about half. Now, I always have the wi-fi turned to off unless I am specifically downloading, and Thursday it was at half battery as well, with me only using it for about 20 mins on Friday before it stopped turning on. Hmmmm, and it was 'charging' for half an hour already. Could the battery have drained somehow from half to nothing? I do not know. I plugged it back in (to the computer - one way of charging it up) and am waiting now to see for a full charge. I am guessing a couple hours should be enough time.

If no change then, I have a battery issue, and will need to send it in. But at least for now, I can save the books I have on there to the computer, so as to not lose them if it locks up again.

Technology is such a pain in the ass sometimes.


Spring Break Monday

Normally about this time of year, I think of heading up north to Lake Havasu, where the colleges like to throw their spring breaks at. It has been mid-upper 80's this week, so warm enough that them teenagers would be in the water. Either way, the girls would be laying out in the sun.... yeah, typical male thoughts.

Instead, I just finished a great weekend with family. got some family movies watched ("Alpha and Omega", "Megamind") and just some hanging out stuff. Today the daughter is already out the door to an ortho appointment, then she is heading north with dome friends to visit another friend at NAU in Flagstaff. Today, looks like wee will be doing miscellaneous around the house. Plan to take the van in tomorrow to the shop to see about the window and door lock electrical probs.

So yeah, the week is starting off good. How's your's?


Saturday, March 12

What Happened Around Here?

This week I can pretty much forget about quiet time. Include with that anytime alone, without having to get after someone constantly as well. The boys are all home this week for Spring Break. So is the daughter from college. And the Wife is off work as she takes a week break before starting her new job.

Needless to say, the posting here is going to be a bit sporadic, and very short, if any get posted at all.


Thursday, March 10

Just a Walk in the Park

I have a few moments to spare prior to me heading out to do the walk in the park. Nothing exciting much going on.

Still working the apartment hunting for the daughter. Love the way I found out about how they charge the 'hidden' fees nowadays. I had called one place that advertised 'Utilities Included' on the website, and also the pricing for a 1 brdm apt. I called and was verifying info. turns out he price they gave is only for rent, the 'all utilities' is an additional amount. I was like 'WTF?' Yeah, but because they didn't advertise that fee in association with the term 'All Utilities' they can get away with that shit. So now I see any place advertising Utils included, I add an additional amount to the advertised rent amount. Overall it is still a better deal averaged over a year, than it would be for separate utility bills, etc. I would just prefer to keep the number of expenses to a minimum, rather than 5 bills for living, make it 2 or 3. Other than that, the search continues....

My oldest son has an English drama this Friday. They are studying (or have been) 'Romeo and Juliet' and the teachers invited parents to attend the hour of the child's class. Each class will be 'acting out' a particular Act/Scene (different part for each class) and mu son's is Act 1, Scene 5. I debated looking it up, but figure the surprise will be more fun. I responded that I would be attending. Shall be interesting.

I got in touch with the pulmonary doc that my PCP had told me to call. I cannot get an appointment with him until May though. Why I am even doing this I have no clue. He only read/interpreted my sleep study report, and is supposed to review my oximeter report so I can drop this damn oxygen. Why would I need to see him? I am thinking of just calling the oxygen supply, tell them to come get their equipment and stop altogether. I still use my CPAP, and it is more help than the oxygen (which is at the lowest setting). Sometimes doctors feel like lawyers, in the way they want you to spend all your money on shit you don't need. Another frustration in life.

Okay, I am out of here.


Wednesday, March 9

Another Day on the Hump

It's the middle of the week once again.

The son's concert last night wasn't too bad. Though, I did get upset and left about 2/3 of the way through the performances. Being at the Jr High, and having a 'combined' music event that included 5+ elementary school music programs as well, it made for a crowded bleachers in the gym. Yeah, we were packed in there pretty damn tight. Which ruined it all for me. I am not a crowd-type person anyways. I really hate my personal space being invaded. Though, I am understanding of accidentally being bumped in the back, etc. or the occasional crying of younger children. As a parent (and 99% of the crowd are/were) you expect these things at events like this.

What REALLY pissed me off, happened to be the 2 disrespectful niggers behind me. Yeah, I know. Many people (including some of you readers) don't like that word 'nigger' but that is what these things were. I need to clarify here for you people that think I am being the bigot I am. From I am using this definition of the word nigger: Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive a person of any race or origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant,etc. They spoke broken English, and I have no clue what kind of backwoods jungle lingo mixed in that as well. Yes, they were black, too. They brought in 4 kids all under 8, by appearances I am guessing the ages. These children acted as if they had never been denied anything, and proceeded to jump around, kick, bump, lean on, swing around and hit, shout and cry, not only myself, but other people around. I was at a loss. As a normal person, I should have turned and said something to the adults that were with the children, but I had no idea if they were the parents (because they sure weren't acting like parents, which in my opinion would not have tolerated such behavior let alone in public). By the end of about the 5th song, my son was done performing basically anyways, I was fuming, the Wife had her hand on my leg reassuring me and trying to keep me calm.... but I was done. There was no way I would be able to even in the nicest way, confront them about their kids. So I got up to leave. One of their damn kids has the gall to ask me where I thought I was going. I was actually shocked. Not the curiously asked question, but more of a demand. Like 'Where do YOU think YOU'RE going' type. I excused myself down the bench (ignoring them) and politely saying excuse to everyone else, and went to the van. I missed the Jazz bands performances.

The Wife and I were talking about it over dinner at Dennys afterwards. It just turns my stomach that people could be so... irresponsible and stupid... YES, stupid.

Sigh. That was yesterday. Today I awoke not feeling too sore. Yesterday being the third time PT and I went walking, and I did almost twice the distance we started last week, and felt so much better. Doubled the time spent walking, too. Slowly but surely it is getting better, and I cannot wait for the results. The Dr office called me yesterday. Seems the pulmonary doc didn't get my oximeter report from that one night a couple weeks plus ago, so they were faxing it to him, so he can decide if I can stop using oxygen at night. They also said I need to call and schedule an appointment with this doc. Wonderful. So, working on that this morning.

Also working on looking for an apartment with the Daughter. She has had some major dorm-mate issues this year, and we had originally okayed her to stay in a 3-bedroom apt with a couple other girlfriends next year. Though, that all fell apart in the past few days as one has decided to go to another college, and the other made other arrangements to go some other place than where they had originally decided. So we are now looking for a place for the Daughter by herself. I think we have found a decent one where amenities are good, and price is fair. The Daughter and I are going to be working on it today I am sure. I know she wants to get a reservation for later this year into any place we decide on, as soon as possible to be sure she gets a place. Can't blame her with the college being there.


Tuesday, March 8

Resuming Normal

Things are back on track today. Feeling better, a bit empty, but better. Getting ready to head out for the walking this morning in about 30 minutes. So, everything feels back to what goes for normal for me.

The oldest son has a 'regular' band concert tonight - as opposed to the Honor one just last week, and the other one coming up. Again, I was just told this morning of it because the Wife 'remembered' to tell me finally. Seems she and Grandma (my MIL) get to see the notifications the school sends home with the important dates of concerts, school out days, etc, but I only get to mark them on the calendar at home if I hear about them. Usually that is the day of the event.Sigh. Good thing I don't have to worry about leaving work early or anything.

Nothing new and exciting to talk about today. Finished my book yesterday, and starting a 2-in-1 now by Patricia Briggs. I enjoyed the simple writing style of her Mercedes Thompson series, as has my daughter. I shall have the new one of the series next month. This one I am starting includes her first work, and a sequel. Be interesting to read how different her style has become.

Come back some other day. I am sure something non-different and boring will still be happening.


Monday, March 7

At the Beginning Again

Well, here it is Monday again. I was to resume my walking with PT this morning, but I notified him early this morning that I need to put it off until tomorrow. My stomach is upset, and I have had to make several trips to the bathroom already today. I just know it would be my luck to be out walking, and not make it to the facilities there (which are not the nicest). Then I would have to sit in it to get home... yeah. I don't like that thought either. So tomorrow I should be feeling better and will get out for the walk.

Spent the afternoon with friends up at the pub and watched the race. The driver I had this week for the Nascar pool took first. though we had to share the spot with another person, so only get half the amount we would normally have won. Some is better than none I say though.

Working on reading the newest Preston & Child novel on Agent Pendergast. For those of you that follow it, it is so far so good. This is like book 9 or 10 in the series, starting way back with "The Relic" (which was released as a movie as well).

Ok, I am off to make another trip to the hallway.


Sunday, March 6

A Little Break

In case you had not noticed, I have been absent the past few days.Everything is fine, or fine as they usually are. Thanks Spockgirl, for the inquiry...

Seems Wednesday night really ... upset me. Nay, made me angry. I am sure the alcohol had contributed a portion to that. Needless to say, I felt then depressed, which then fell into a total apathetic state. I sat there for a couple days before I was able to get my ass back into gear. Once again, I confirmed to myself that the world is just full of stupid people that are ignorant of everything. That doesn't relieve me any, but helps me try to get through a normal day without literally pulling out a gun and using it.

Other than that, the daughter came up (again) this weekend... un-announced (again). Last week was nice. A little surprise for her brother on his birthday. This weekend, not so wonderful. Especially considering we didn't find out til later in the evening. I know she is an adult, etc etc, but when she stays at our house, it would be nice to know when she is coming so we can plan family meals to include her, for one. What if we decided to go out of town, because she wasn't going to be here? Hell, parental thinking: What if she had had a major accident on the way here, we would never have known she was driving up.

Saturday, she and the Wife went to lunch and some afternoon shopping - I watched the boys. The Wife explained it to her, that though it is nice to that she came up, but we would prefer she let us know in the future. I assume it went well, because she wasn't all pissy with me when they got back home.

I walked a couple days last week, and took the rest of the week off. Even Friday I was still feeling muscle soreness. PT and I go back to it come tomorrow morning. I am actually looking forward to seeing hopefully some distance improvement.

The Wife informs me, as she is leaving at that, that the doors in the van are not responding well to the "unlock" procedure. I told her to replace the battery in her key fob. She then says that it is not responding to the main unlock button from inside either. The driver side window motor seemed to have failed a couple months ago. I don't know if this is all electrical related to the driver side panel or what. I suppose I will try to get it in Tuesday to the garage to see if they can figure it out. Maybe it is just time to get another van.

The Wife is finishing up her last week of work at the facility she is currently at. She had accepted a position at another facility for more money, matched vacation time (4 weeks) and overall better place. A lot of stress will be relieved for her, though the drive is a bit longer. The extra money will help compensate the gas though. She is going to take a week off between jobs, so be prepared for my hell week.... She is 'off' work, the boys are on Spring Break, the daughter is on Spring Break...... all the same week. Yee haw.


Wednesday, March 2

I Been Facebook'ed!!

I finally made a "page" over at Facebook for the blog. I got bored, and it showed. I don't know how many of you are on that social media, or would like to be linked over to it, but feel free if you want. I am sure it will put some status update on your newsfeed of something like "So-n-so likes Boobies & Beer website" so be prepared if you don't want any one that can access your info to see it. Like you Reverend Mother, or Sis.... or anyone else afraid of it all.

Just posting it out there....


Feeling Weird

You sure can tell it is the middle of the week. Well, at least I can. I feel .... blah. I feel my sore muscles from Monday's walk. Hopefully they should loosen up when we do our walk this morning in about an hour. But otherwise, just don't feel like doing anything at all. Almost like I could just sit here and stare at the screen. I have been doing that now for a few minutes.

The Wife finished up our preliminary tax work last night. The Daughter had needed to complete a FAFSA (Financial Aid Form) for college (due by midnight March 1st) so she had to get all that info to her. I guess they did it via Facebook late last night, and made the deadline. The Wife is one of those people that don't leave until the exact time before they have to be there. A ten minute trip, she won't leave until 10 minutes before she is supposed to be there. Paperwork due the 15th? Delivered that day, or estimated delivery time, and mailed just that many days ahead of the due date. She isn't necessarily a procrastinator .... as they habitually put it off no matter what.

Okay, I have nothing for you today. Interested in hearing something? Then leave a comment and let me know what. I'll gladly 'bend your ear' in whatever I know about it.


Tuesday, March 1

It's The Second Day When You Feel It

The first thought this morning was I don't hurt as bad as I thought I would. But then I moved. "Ow," was the first word out of my mouth, followed with some groans, as I arose from the bed to start the dailies. Once I got moving, it wasn't near as bad. And truly, overall, I don't feel the soreness as much as I was expecting. Or maybe because I was expecting more, that this didn't feel as bad. Either way, I am glad we are not going today.

The Jr High District Honor Orchestra concert was last night, and my son was one of the musicians. Unfortunately, on this level of orchestral music, the assorted brass/woodwinds they included for only 2 of the 5 songs, so it wasn't like a huge deal for him. But as a parent, it was for me. This is the 3rd year (I think 3rd) he has been chosen in the District Honor Orchestra. The previous 2 years being in the Elem. School level. He is becoming quite good on the French horn - an instrument I did not learn. The next son in line will have the option of starting a musical instrument next year in 4th grade. He has decided to learn trumpet. It'll be another 4-5 years before the last son will be ready to chose.

As a parent I feel so proud that my children desire to participate in music. The daughter played clarinet in school, and into HS she added Choir. At college, she has made the Honors Choir as a Freshman, though due to her schedule, etc. she decided to not take band. I don't blame her.

Either way, Music is something that has flowed through the family for generations. The Wife played flute when in school, and on into choir in college. I played Tuba and trombone in school, did some choir at church, played a few performances in get-togethers. I have heard stories of the Wife's side of the family doing more as well. I know my chain is well-versed. Both my parents' families are very musical. My Uncle Mike plays and sings guitar still to this day. My 4 uncles on Dad's side all played instruments, and sing. My dad being the only one that really did neither, but he encouraged and supported me. And it goes way back.

I know I pretty much take it for granted, the musical ability. Probably one of those things I should be blessed for, as I know there are people out there that wish they had any ability. Trust me, I have seen them try to do karaoke.

Okay, enough of the little reminiscing. The next couple days I expect a new book to arrive here. Patrick Rothfuss' "The Wide Man's Fear" book two of the Kingkiller chronicle. I have been waiting 3 years for this 2nd book. Will probably be another 3 for the final installment. Either way, publish release date is today, and I have 2-5 day shipping on it. Yes, I use a Kindle, and could have just downloaded it, but I wanted the hardback for the set. When they are really good books I like to share them.

Alrighty, I am out of here for now.