Thursday, February 27

It's About Time!

I heard late last night, that Gov. Brewer FINALLY vetoed the AZ SB 1062. Need I say, that it took too long to do this? Those that favor her, said she spent the whole day yesterday, discussing this proposal with parties from both sides. Yeah, that sounds like the right thing to do. Except that this bill is just blatanly wrong! What that was is a perfect waste of time to be able to grandstand and appear as the saviour of Arizona, because you vetoed the bill (finally). Dumb bitch. Why'd I vote for her again? Oh yeah, I thought the others running were worse.

I mean, Apple (who is bringing around 2000 jobs to the Valley) already said they were not happy about this bill. The NFL was already checking options for removing the 2015 Super Bowl from here, and I heard that the MLB was voicing its displeasure as well (because there are many teams that Spring Train here). Why does it take any thought? We have had no event/spectacle/whatever that would have brought this bill into play - after all, it was based on an event that took place in New Mexico - NOT Arizona.

Yeah, I don't get it.

On another note, my youngest son turned 8 yesterday. Talk about feeling old....


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