Monday, March 3

So When Do We Get Snow Days?

This weekend, Arizona saw some rain. Some snow even up in the higher elevation areas of the state. This morning has come with a little bit of sun, lighting up the damp ground, and a nice, cool temperature. I would say it is beautiful if I were so inclined. It felt good driving back from the high school, with the window down. I'm actually looking forward to the drive into work today.

Even with Saturday bringing most of the rain, Nascar still took place out at Phoenix International Raceway. And Jr. got second. Woot! I didn't go this year. Instead, I sat at the pub and watched it with a couple friends, and texting another back in NC. Was a fun afternoon.

I think both the older boys have concerts this week (or next?) and unfortunately I will miss them. Sometimes the hours for my job sucks.

Other than that, I can't think of anything else going on. I am sure the Wife will remind me if it pertains to me.


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