Friday, March 14

Fighting With Work

I had commented last night on Facebook about how Work and I had "had it out" and I lost because I was beat. I sure feel it today. I think Monday started it all when I had to lift a heavier than normal part. I believe I strained either the muscles or tendons in my arm. Either way, each night my right arm is just achy from all the lifting, etc during the day. Even the elbow is starting to feel like it has a bit of tendinitis. I'll pop a couple ibuprofen before work to see if that helps.

Preacher Tom and I are heading out for breakfast today. Seems I finally talked him into trying someplace different than the regular places we go. It seems it is usually Dennys, or Fast Eddies, or an occasional Mimi's Cafe that we go to. Today it is a place called US Egg. Sounds like an omelet place to me, which is fine.

Oldest son is gone to Cali today for the weekend. The school theater/drama/techs are doing a thing over there, followed with a day at Disneyland. It might be a good weekend, with just the two younger ones in the house. I might get used to it. There will be less sibling fighting going on, that's for sure.

Alright, I need to get headed to breakfast....


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