Saturday, March 15

Going Stir Crazy

Hello Saturday morning. It has been a weird one so far.

A couple weeks back, I had made plans to be up in Laughlin, NV, this weekend with my buddies. A men's trip, so to speak. At the time, I found out that the oldest son was going to be going to Cali, something to do with the theater class trip thingy. So that left the Wife and two younger boys at home. I guess the Wife invited the Daughter up this weekend, and they would all do something. Things happened, and my plans fell through. I obviously did not make it to Laughlin. The oldest son still went to Cali.

Last night when I got home from work, the Wife mentioned that the Daughter was due in town about such-&-such time. I asked why was she coming, blah, blah, blah.... see above. I asked what we're they thinking of doing (meaning, if it is fun, I want to go, too). Wife says they had not decided and had a few ideas, however, Luke AFB was having an air show today. Yeah, that is what they decided to do. No thank you. This guy is not interested.

So, they left at a decent hour this morning to get out there, park, and get seating. I watched "VIKINGS" and "THE CONJURING". Now I am bored.

Thought about heading up to the pub. But I need to make sure my buddy is working for tonight. If he isn't, I need to work. Can't just get off the bar stool and work. Then I thought, well, just go to a different bar. But no where really sounds appealing at the moment. Go to the movies. Nothing good showing. Go shopping. I hate crowds. Read a book. My Kindle is currently plugged in and charging.

Sigh. This sucks.


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