Tuesday, March 25

How Long is Too Long?

Let's talk about that Malaysian Flight 370. I guess yesterday, Malaysian politicians declared in a basic statement that they texted (another story) to the families of the passengers, that the airline is being considered crashed in the Indian Ocean and that there are no survivors. I am just paraphrasing. No one is saying that any piece of the plane has been found, and verified it was from the craft. No bodies have been found. Absolutely nothing has been found. It's almost like an archeology hunt. Hey, we need money and materials because we think this might be here. Australia has basically called off the air search today, mostly due to inclement weather, though I wonder how long they will continue looking. The other countries involved? How long will they continue?

I feel for the families. To have a loved one die in a crash while traveling abroad, or to home, or to wherever, sucks big time. But when they can't tell you what happened, and it becomes an extended missing persons search, plus a search for "What Happened?" These people need closure. Find some plane wreckage from that flight, that is able to be verified it is from that craft. A suitcase with flight info. At this point, a floating body with ID on it would be good.

I thought I herd something the other day, that the airline's policy is to pay something like $100,000-$150,000 per person, in the event of a crash. Will they pay that out since it hasn't been proven to be a crash yet? How many families will sue the airline? Do they have a case to do so? Will this drive the major airline for that region to bankrupt? How does that affect me? Yeah ... just some thoughts.

That being said, welcome to Tuesday. I declare today as "At least it ain't Monday" and have a good one.


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