Monday, March 10

Starting to Quit ... Again

What a weekend. Had a few good times. Saturday I spent the better part of the afternoon at a Celebration of Life for a friend that had passed a few short weeks ago. Many friends that I have not seen in years were there. Of course, I had a couple drinks too many. I followed up that afternoon taking the family, with RM, PT and the MIL along to Texas Roadhouse. Sunday I slept in, but still made it up to the park for the team's second game of softball, then hung out a couple hours with my buddy Don back at the pub. Don is going to be a grandpas here within the next week sometime, his first, and also going in for a lump removal on the side of his neck. It has me a bit worried, so I am sure how he feels.

Last night, the youngest was sitting on my lap, and we were watching "Man of Steel" the newest Superman movie. I paused it because I wanted to take a smoke break. He asked me the innocent question, "Dad, why do you have to smoke?" I didn't have an answer. So, today I am going to try to quit again. I have one cigarette left in the pack, and will probably smoke it here shortly, then I am out, with no plans to buy more. Will have to see how that goes.

It is a Monday morning, and the return to work comes today as well. This morning I need to run my work truck through emissions. Thankfully it is only just 'up the street' from the house, and I don't have to go way out the way to get there.


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