Monday, March 24

Sleepless Night

I am tired this morning. Though I went to bed at a decent hour last night, I did not sleep well. For some reason, I kept waking seemingly every hour, then in the early morning hours, my leg started cramping. Not a fun way to be woken up, for sure. Now after having been up a good half hour, the leg cramping has seemingly stopped, and doesn't appear to be wanting to return. I want to lay back down and see about a couple more hours of sleep, but I feel I have too many other things that need to get taken care of.

Saturday night I spent the evening over at a friend's house. We kicked it in the back yard around a fire pit, having a few beers, and talking about anything that came to mind. My friend had grilled some steaks, plus we had potatoes and a salad. Was a great time being to catch up somewhat.

Sunday was softball. My buddies and I were to meet up early that morning. One made it, the other didn't. Then the one went home (even though he was the coach of the softball team). He said he passed off the responsibility this week to another. I ended up at the park, and then back at the bar, too, afterwards.

What's this week got in store? I have no clue. I did get a raise last week at the job. That was nice. Kids are back to school after spring break. So this morning returned to the routine. Guess I should eat some breakfast, and figure out the day.


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