Thursday, March 27

Elusive in the Night

It's been a long 30 minutes since I was awoken this morning. The first thing to hear upon waking, is not the sound of the Wife berating her self, because she had either hit snooze too many times, or just plain slept through the alarm.Of course, the oldest had early hour, so now we had to rush to get him up and moving, then drive him to school. He was only about 5 minutes late overall.

I feel like crawling back into bed this morning. I went to bed about 10'ish last night. I felt just worn out. Driving the truck in the gusting winds we had yesterday was so tiring. Today my shoulders and upper back are a bit sore still. But feeling physically tired doesn't always get one to go to sleep when we should. I ended up reading until shortly after midnight, tried to sleep, ended up tossing and turning for a couple hours or more. Once I finally did fall asleep, I woke several times through the early hours but not that last hour before the Wife woke me. Tired and sore. That's me today.

Nothing else seems to jump out at me right now.


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