Tuesday, March 18

It's Missing, Not Lost

I think it has been about 11 days now since the Boeing 777 Malaysian flight has gone missing. I had to look up the difference between the words 'missing' and 'lost'. They are almost identical. Missing uses lost in its definition, and lost returns the favor. At least where I looked it up. I would cut and paste to here, but the font type, etc. messed things up. Since the day this airline disappeared, I have heard quite a number of theories as to what happened on the news talk radio I listen to on my ride to/for work. The Wife and I spoke briefly about it like back on day two.

"Hun. I know what happened to that Malaysian flight that has gone missing."

"You do? What do you think happened to it?" She got this incredulous look in her eyes.

"MILLENIUM," I tell her. Her interested eyes turn somewhat blank while looking at me. "You know, the movie with Kris Kristofferson." The blank look remains in place. "You know, the one where people from the future come back in time, to save people on flights they know (because they are from the future) that are going to crash, or blow-up, or whatever."

The look of blankness disappears from her eyes, and they roll upwards as she turns her head away. She displays that short side-to-side head shake she has, you know the one when she is saying in her head 'Ralph, Ralph, Ralph' and then saying a quick prayer that no one else had to hear my foolish idea.

"It could be," I say.

Fast forward to yesterday, and even the radio announcers are throwing out the 'Who Knows? It could be aliens' theory to the radio listeners. I think they do it out of jest more than anything, but who knows? There is even a cyber-hacker theory going around. Some sources have verified that some planes could be hijacked electronically, though to have the know-how and equipment to do it make it seem much more far-fetched than alien abduction.

Another theory is that it has been hijacked by some group, and is safely landed somewhere - be it an island, remote are. But the probability is slim. The strip needed to land a big craft like that ... one that governments don't know about, or secretly built, blah blah blah. I don't know.

I think they keep using the word missing over the word lost, because if it is missing, it can be found. Lost is more ... permanently gone. Irretrievable.

Personally, I am still for the "MILLENIUM" theory.


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