Friday, March 21

14 Days ... and ... ?

Listening to talk radio, I was informed today is 14 days since that Malaysian flight 370 went missing. That now ties the longest period in searching for lost commercial flights. It was mentioned, I think the flight a few years back near Korea had taken 14 days to locate. Yesterday's news brought us to two objects located approximately 2300 KM SW of the Australian coast, but inclement weather has delayed getting planes there to search the area, and lowered visibility. I haven't read anything new as of this morning.

I still think the "MILLENIUM" idea is a possibility.

In other news, not much is going on. Fridays are always pretty happy days for me, ending my work week, and allowing me a couple days to rest up my body to put it through the rigors of work again next week. Still having a few issues with tendon/joint pain in my thumb (since the start of the year) and now my elbow (of same arm). They are not as bad, but tend to get achy by this time of the week. Both seem to be mending slowly, but at least mending.

Well, I am going to kick back a bit before heading to work. Enjoy some of what I am listening to.


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