Friday, January 31

End of Week Happiness

Fridays are usually just another day to me. As a rule, I don't get excited just because it is the end of the work week. Fridays usually tend to be my busiest days, but still, it is just another day. However, this Friday is different. I am ready for the weekend. Not just because the Super Bowl is Sunday, but I am beat up. The past couple work days have had me doing quite a bit more heavy lifting than normal, and my back is sore. A couple days off where I don't have to do any lifting would be nice to give my back a chance to rest up.

Super Bowl is this weekend, as is the Phoenix Open. I have tickets to neither, and probably won't watch either on television. I am planning n attending a party over at a friend's house for the Bowl game, but with all the friends, etc there, and so much going on, I probably won't watch most of the game. Besides, I am not rooting for either team.

I got a weird personal message through Facebook last night. Seems someone from the past contacted me. I haven't had a chance to call the RM this morning to ask her about it, bit this person relayed a story she remembered about me. the story sounds vaguely familiar, as if it really happened, but I cannot be sure. Just weird someone I don't know commenting and telling a story like that. Freaky. Maybe I will share the story after I talk to RM.

Time to start getting ready for work. I might head in early today, to stay running on time.


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