Sunday, January 26

Family Squabbles

Everyone has family squabbles. I call them squabbles, more than fights, because as the definition states: to engage in a petty quarrel. There is one in my family, and it is starting to turn in to a fight, I think. I won't post particulars here, as I know several parties involved read this blog. I even think some will be reading it soon just to see if I post anything about anything that is going on. I know Reverend Mother will be by at some point as well.

I think it is healthy to have a small squabble at times within the family. Siblings do it often. I love my brother and sister, but that does not mean I am angry at them at different times, and decide to avoid them. Some of my aunts and uncles have similar things going on. It some ways it is healthy, I guess, not in all ways. And we all know sometimes things get out of hand and people get feelings hurt. Pfff. Feelings. (eye roll).

Needless to say, the middle son woke me up this morning inadvertently, with some noise he had made. No worries except it was like 6:15 AM. I couldn't go back to sleep, so here I am. Most Sunday mornings I am at the pub with my buddies, sharing news and info, drinking a few bloody marys, all before going to play softball. Today I am staying home. I want to get some other stuff done that I have been putting off.

But the Battle Royale that is building up in my family, has spread sides and started claiming victims. I say Victims, but I guess they would better be called Combatants, as some of them are adding to the fray. I give it about a week, then it should all come to the climatic finish ... hopefully. Then it will be a matter of how things go forward in everyone's family relationship. Yeah. Normal Life, just a bigger squabble right now.

(shaking me head) I don't get it.


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