Tuesday, January 21

Weird Dreams

After being up so early yesterday morning, I was pretty beat last night when I got home from work.  I hopped in the shower, then went to see what was for dinner. Turns out it was a "Create Your Own Adventure" night. So I heated up some canned corned beef hash, added some jalapenos, and sat down to eat with what sweet tea I had left over in my 52 ounce Quik Trip Mug I use while driving. Supper was pretty darn good! But I was still beat, so I went to bed pretty much right after eating. Bad for digestion, but I was tired. I don't even remember my head hitting the pillow.

During the night, those jalapenos and the corned beef hash combined to create a very hallucinogenic byproduct that my body had to deal with. I am sure I had some very wild dreams, as the bits I do remember were pretty weird. Not in any order, but there was one where I was riding a motorcycle, in circles, around my bed. Not on the ground, but literally on the edge of the mattress. One of the guys from "Sons of Anarchy" was there, and told me I was doing a good job of learning how to turn. Then that flips to some huge, frat-house sort of party, and I am scanning the crowd looking for vampires, while carrying ( I think) a .357 long-barrel revolver. From there it combined those two story lines, as I was "patched" into a motorcycle club, then hunted down some vampires that killed two of the members. There were some really weird things going on that I can't even begin to try to describe - or would prefer not to do so.

Corned beef hash from the can, and jalapenos, while drinking sweet tea. If it wasn't {just} that, then the being tired must have helped, too.

Oldest boy is running a temperature still as of last night, so he is out of school today. I feel much more rested, but still like I could sleep for a couple more hours. don't know if I should though.


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