Tuesday, January 7

Being Sick (In The Head)

I am the first in my family to be sick this new year. A head cold has come and made residence (temporary I hope) at my sinus level, and is doing it's best to drive me mad with the constant drip I getting from my nasal passages. The only time it isn't doing that is when I am on my back, and it drains down the throat, causing me that ticklish feeling, that makes me cough. Been swallowing pills since yesterday, but nothing seems to be helping get rid of it, or mask the effects of. Or maybe it is, and I would be feeling worse if it didn't. I don't know, but this is pretty crappy.

And all that after teasing friends/family in the Mid-West about the differences in temperatures where we live. Jinxed myself, me thinks.

All the boys are back in school now. It's nice, but means the early rise in the morning to take the oldest to Zero Hour. I was getting used to the last two weeks of not having to do that.

Yesterday it seemed all the media could talk about (here in AZ anyways) was how Steven Segal has mentioned the possibility of throwing his hat in the ring for the next Governor's race here in AZ. We've had some d00zies out here: Meacham, Mofford, and a few others I won't mention. So now a supposed actor, who plays a lawman, wants to be AZ Gov. Must be friends with Arpaio. Oh wait, they are.

Sigh. Today's post should be things that don't make me feel better, even when I am sick.


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