Thursday, January 9

My Achy, Breaky (fill-in-the-blank)

A groan escaped my lips this morning as I rose from the bed to start the day. Usually, it is more of a growl, as I tend to be sort of like a hibernating bear when I wake. Today it was a groan. The ankles, shortly followed by the hips and lower back, all let me know that they are not happy with recent attentions they have gotten do to work. I see the swallowing of a couple ibuprofens in the very near future. But lucky for you, my fingers aren't feeling arthritic this morning, and I am able to type out a bit of ... something ... for you.

After being with this company now for about 4 1/2 months, I think yesterday was the worst day I have had to date there. Had the boss come down on me about a couple issues that occurred. One issue was an error on another part in our system. One was me getting thrown under the bus. But even with the attempt of getting said vehicle to crush me, I turned it into a just a slight push, as the fault was not mine, but higher up the chain of management. I was still not happy about being singled out by others ... but haters got to be hating! Today is going to be much better, especially if I don't have to do so much lifting of heavy objects, like yesterday.

I seem to be pretty much over the cold I have had. Down to a little bit of chest congestion, and as of right now, just a slight feeling of stuffy-head - though that could just me feeling a bit tired yet.

I'm outta here to get some breakfast. That bowl of Fruit Loops sounds good about now.


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