Thursday, January 23

Getting Back To Normal

Today brought about the return to the household's regular schedule. The oldest son has been running a temperature and has been out of school the past three days, but that changed this morning, as his temp is finally back to normal and can return to school. Which means the early mornings for me again. I have begun to detest getting up so early, but I guess it helps the Wife so she can go back to bed for a 20 minute nap before having to get ready for work. Of course, I could always go back to bed as well, I just feel it is easier to stay up. Well, on most days.

Feeling pretty sore today. Had quite a few large parts to deliver last night. I have a feeling me and my aspirin are going to be friends today.

Do this fraternity at ASU decided to have this MLK Black Party this past Monday. I have been hearing all the fall-out on the local talk radio show the past few days. Bunch of stupid knuckleheads? I don't know. I think someone knew what they were doing by setting this up, and everyone else just followed along ignorantly, for the excuse of having a party. They had some Reverend guy on radio yesterday that could be an Al Sharpton mini-me. Expel all the students that were at the party? Yeah right. Who wins on that count? Require campus-wide Diversity/Racism classes? I don't think so. The hosts of the show even opened up the phone lines, asking any listener that was black, that had attended/graduated/attending ASU, to call in, which several did. All were asked if they felt that blacks, in general, were treated harshly by campus officials, or even other students. Not one admitted they had felt that at all. Now I know I am a bigot and all, but really? Waste time and money on a bunch of ignorant college kids. (Shaking my head).

It's almost Friday!


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