Tuesday, January 14

Scheduling Changes

I started my current job about 4 1/2 months ago. At that time, I agreed to the time shift that the job required (approx. noon to 8pm-9pm) thinking it would not be a burden. The Wife and I had even talked about it. I knew there would be concerts the kids have I would miss. There may be other things that happen during the evening of the week, that would be missed. But I was working, again.

During the handful of years I was unemployed, my time schedule was pretty easy. I usually had to run the son to school early, then there were no major constraints. I could go back to bed if I wanted. Staying up late was not a big deal, as I could sleep-in if I chose to do so. I had plenty of time for reading, watching movies/television, or playing computer games. Even had more time to spend with the family.

Now I find myself getting a bit weary.

I still rise early to take the son to school. I usually do not lay back down, as the morning is the only time I feel I can get anything done now. By the time I leave and return from work, it is late, and I am pretty tired. It might be the age thing, or the not being in 100% physical shape, that make me so tired. Or just being on the road dealing with dumb asses in traffic. Might be all those reasons. I am in bed within an hour of getting home.

I miss my reading time. I miss time with the boys. I miss having a chance to talk with the Wife. Sure, some of that is all done during the weekends, if we aren't running around for this event, or that sale, or whatever has come up that needs to be seen to. Makes me want to quit work, and try to find a regular "9-5" job just so evenings can sort of get back to normal. But that wasn't panning out before (finding that type of job) so I guess I just need to adjust better to this schedule.

That, and maybe a short nap before work this morning, will make me feel better.


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