Monday, January 20

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

The body woke me up at about 3 this morning. Seems it wanted me to get up and go relieve my bladder. Then it decided since I was already there, the bowels needed some movement as well. Needless to say, I almost added emptying my stomach, since it felt like doing that, too, once the bowels started emptying. Oh my. It was bad. But I feel so much better now, and I think the HazMat crew is able to finish up and leave now.

Needless to say, I am wide awake at an hour reserved for ... well, not for me. It is almost 4:30 now, and I would like to go nap, but am too awake to think about more than tossing and turning in the bed. I need to be up in a couple hours anyways, to take the son to school. Maybe after that I will be sleepy enough to nap before work. Otherwise, it may turn into a long day.

Saturday was a nice day. The Wife and I went out to do some grocery shopping without the kids in tow. Then that evening met up with my buddy Don, his girlfriend, Truemaine, and the four of us adults had dinner at Black Angus, a steak house for those that haven't heard of it. Dinner might have only been a couple hours, but it was nice to get out for some "adult" time. The Wife said she was happy and that works for me.

Today is MLK day. I have hashed on this before, so am not going to revisit my bigoted opinion about it. I know I am not one of the people that get this day off from work, and get no special extra pay for working a "holiday". Yeah, getting pissy just thinking about this bullshit day.

Got some other things I might as well catch up on while I am awake this morning. 


Edit: Duh. Almost 6:30 and I realize, the kids are out of school today, and I don't have to take anyone. Why am I still awake?

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