Thursday, January 16

Might Have Been My Fault

Last week I was sick. Not debilitating sick, just yucky sick, with a cold. I had the stuffed up sinuses, drainage, coughing, watery eyes cold. It still lingers a tad, meaning I cough a little now and then, which could actually just be a smoker's cough. The Wife sort of came down with it, but her's is most of a chest congestion. So that might not have been me giving it to her ... after all, she works in a care facility and could have gotten from a patient. The youngest son has come down sick now, with what sounds like some pretty bad chest congestion and fever. He has been home from school the past couple of days, and the Wife decided last night to run him to the kid's late night doctor place (I don't know the name - Pediatric Urgent Care?) to have him checked out, to see if some antibiotics would be needed. He is fine. Well, somewhat. They diagnosed it as something viral, so antibiotics won't be any good. They even did a strep throat test, but it was negative. So, basically, ibuprofen and rest for him unless it gets worse, then probably some sort of ER trip to keep it from turning into pneumonia, or if his breathing gets bad.

I don't think I passed it along, as both the Wife and son's illness is much worse than mine was ... but who knows.

Only two days of work left this week, and for some reason I am happy. I usually don't feel giddy about an upcoming day or two off, but this week is different. No idea why. Maybe my body is just feeling tired, and the thought of being able to rest a bit without having to work is some sub-conscious joy. I know there are many things I would like to get done this weekend, but at this time, have no plans made to accomplish any of them. I suppose I will just do them as I feel they need to get done. Kind of nice not having a strict schedule I have to do on a day off.

Guess that is all I have today. I'm getting hungry for breakfast.


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