Monday, January 27

Quiet Before the Storm

The weekend went by pretty quietly. Well, I mean that there were no major things going on that we had to attend. The boys made plenty of noise being brothers, while doing things around the house. Especially the two younger ones. It was enough that I went to bed early each night just to not have to hear it. Not that I left it to the Wife to deal with, with malice in my heart. She just has more patience in dealing with it than I do.

From the information I heard on the radio while taking the oldest son to school, it sounds like another week of 75+ degree weather here. I almost feel bad for those in areas to the east where it is in the negatives. I have heard that natural gas is being used up in tremendous quantities that it is getting hard to meet the demand. I am sure the same is to be said for heating oil. I also heard this morning that towns are starting to run out of salt for the ice on the roads. The example was some weird named town in Wisconsin, but I could see it happening many other places, especially those that may not normally receive the large amount of snow. Of course, I say all this while sitting here in gym shorts with the fan on.

Got nothing else for you today. Think I might watch that movie, LOVE SURVIVOR this morning before work.


EDIT: LOVE SURVIVOR? That's a new one... I should read what I type more often ... I meant LONE SURVIVOR.

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