Monday, January 6

What Can I Come Up With Today?

I just rolled out of bed maybe 10 minutes ago, so you are going to have to just deal with the sleepy, foggy mind feeling I have. Between that and what appears to be a cold, it's going to be a slow morning. First thing I did, well, after regular morning rituals, was pop a couple DayQuil capsules. I feel a bit better today than yesterday, though I was hoping for more with the extra sleep I got last night.

Haven't yet seen the pics of the MidWest yet. I was seeing several pictures yesterday from family in the Indianapolis area, and other members further north up near Elkhart, of all the snow they were getting. Makes me miss it, somewhat. I miss the fun times being had in it, but not the shoveling. The cold part never really bothered me. If any of them, or others from that area, are reading this, then know that I will be sitting here in sunshine with temps to be around 69 today.

Welp, I guess I should get my butt moving and get me some breakfast.


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